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#IndiaFightsCorona – Ramping Up of Indigenous Medical Infrastructure

indigenous medical infrastructure

A couple of days ago, we had presented a detailed account of how the states are rapidly building up their medical facilities in the fight against COVID-19. All the efforts across the states are being monitored and coordinated in the highest level at Centre.

Here is the latest update on the ramping up of medical infrastructure in line with the fight against Covid19.

Personal Protection Equipment Kits

PPE are meant to protect doctors and nurses from getting infection from the patients.

As of now:

  • 34 lakh PPEs are available in various hospitals across the country. About 60,000 PPE kits have already been procured and supplied.
  • 10,000 PPEs from China already arranged by the Indian Red cross society are being distributed.

In Pipeline:

  • 11 domestic manufacturers have cleared quality tests, and orders for 21 lakh PPE coveralls have been placed with them.
  • Currently they are supplying 6-7,000 coveralls per day and this is expected to go up to 15,000 per day within the next week.
  • Another 3 lakh donated PPEs are expected to arrive by 4th
  • An order for 3 lakh PPEs has been placed with ordinance factories.

Purchase from Abroad:

  • A Singapore based online platform has been identified which can supply 10 lakh PPE kits
  • Another supplier based in Korea, who has tie ups with production companies in Vietnam and Turkey has been identified with daily production capacity of over 1 lakh PPE kits

N95 Masks

These are designed to give next level protection from the contaminated particles, which is more sophisticated than the usual masks.

As of now:

  • Hospitals in the country have 11.95 lakh N95 masks in stock
  • Additional 5 lakh masks have been distributed in recent days

In pipeline:

  • Two domestic manufacturers are present with the capacity of producing 50,000 masks per day. Their capacity is being increased to make it 1 lakh masks per day in next weeks.
  • DRDO is also collaborating with local manufacturers to produce about 20,000 N99 masks per day. These are expected to be available in a week.

Purchase from Abroad:

  • 10 lakh masks as a part of the PPE kits are being sourced from Singapore.

This facility is crucial for COVID-19 patients, as they tend to develop acute respiratory disease syndrome.

As of now:

  • Less than 20 COVID-19 patients are on ventilator support at this moment.
  • As against this, over 14,000 ventilators have been identified in various hospitals across the country for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

In pipeline:

  • An order of 10,000 ventilators has been placed with Agva Healthcare in Noida, and will be obtained in the 2nd week of April.
  • An order for 30,000 ventilators has been placed on Bharat Electronics Limited, which is going to collaborate with domestic manufacturers in this endeavour.
  • Indian Auto manufacturers are also preparing to manufacture ventilators.

Purchase from Abroad:

  • Ministry of External Affairs is also approaching suppliers in China for sourcing 10,000 ventilators.

In conclusion, it is apparent that India is rapidly building its capacity in all the crucial segments that are needed for treating COVID-19 patients. It is a known thing that the whole world over the years has let China dominate the supply chain in these segments. Nevertheless, the above account also suggest that India is avoiding Chinese supply unless there are no other options. It is important considering the recent reports which suggest that many testing kits sent by China to European countries were found to be useless or faulty. India is evidently using this crisis to ramp up the domestic capacity which will bring good dividend even after this crisis gets over.