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India’s Fight Against Novel Coronavirus – Know Facts and Don’t Be a Rahul Gandhi

India’s fight against Novel Coronavirus

Rahul Gandhi seems to think about everything from the perspective of scoring political points. The man who held interactions with the Chinese embassy in India amidst Doklam stand-off was again seen deriving pleasure through baseless allegations over India’s dealing with Coronavirus, which result only in panic. The Health Minister on his part in his reply to Rajya Sabha on March 5, 2020 has placed all the record in public.

It should be noted that novel coronavirus disease, known as COVID-19, is an outbreak the world is grappling with. As is the case of any new disease for which the medication is yet to be developed, there is no magic wand to fix it overnight. Preparation and preventions are the areas the government can work at most, which it is doing putting all the efforts. Compared to many countries like China, Iran, South Korea etc., India has evidently showed remarkable performance in preventing the spread of the disease.

It is also notable that the people who affected with COVID-19 in Kerala were successfully treated, and the new found cases also reported to be stable in responding to the medication.

Here are the specifics you need to know which will relieve you against the panic-mongering acts like that of Rahul Gandhi.

The Extent of Coronavirus Effect in India
  • As on 4thMarch a total of 29 positive cases have been reported.
  • Of these 3 cases were reported in Kerala earlier, who have since recovered and have been discharged already.
  • Since last 3 days, new travel related cases have tested positive. These include one in Delhi (having travel history of Italy) and Telangana (having travel history from Dubai and contact history from person from Singapore). Both are clinically stable.
  • Six more cases have tested positive in Agra, Uttar Pradesh having contact history with case in Delhi. Required action as per Cluster Management plan has been initiated.
  • An Italian tourist & his wife have tested positive in Rajasthan. 14 other accompanying tourists in this group and their Indian bus driver tested positive on their return to Delhi.  All of them are reported to be stable.
  • A recent positive case has also been reported in Delhi on March 4, (having travel history from Italy) and is stable.
Action India is Taking
  • Prime Minister is personally monitoring the preparedness and response on a regular basis.
  • The health minister is daily reviewing the situation.
  • A Group of Ministers consisting of Minister of External Affairs, Minister of Civil Aviation and Minister of State for Home Affairs, Minister of State for Shipping and Minister of State for Health & Family Welfare chaired by the health minister is monitoring the situation and they have met four times since its inception on 3rdFebruary, 2020.
  • Cabinet Secretary is taking regular reviews with all related Ministries of Health, Defence, Ministry of External Affairs, Civil Aviation, Home, Textiles, Pharma, Commerce and other officials including with State Chief Secretaries.
  • Video Conferences are being held with States every other day.
  • Regular surveillance has been initiated across the country for all cases having travel history from all major COVID-19 affected countries and for people having contact with such persons and having fever, cough or breathlessness. Through Integrated Disease Surveillance network all such persons are tracked and as on 4th March, a total of 28529 persons were brought under community surveillance and monitored.
  • To ensure availability of critical items like Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) & N95 masks, the exports of the same was also restricted. A buffer stock of personal protective equipment & N95 masks is maintained by states as well as Union Government.
  • Along with National Institute of Virology, Pune which is a nodal laboratory, testing of clinical samples has also been initiated in 15 more laboratories. Another 19 laboratories are being prepared to test samples to ensure adequate geographical spread across the country.
  • A 24×7 Control Room is operational with call centre number as 011-23978046. So far, more than 9200 calls have been attended including 667 international calls.
  • A strict screening has been in place in airports and ports. The travel history of the passenger is checked to see whether the person visited the affected countries.
  • Visas granted to the nationals of the affected countries are suspended.

It is easy to spread panic and harvest the emotions of gullible people in troubling times. But it takes a mammoth effort to act upon and be a part of the solution. Government is playing the latter part.