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When India’s Decision on RCEP Put Congress in Dilemma


While on the one hand, the RCEP saga has shown that the current administration is committed to putting the nation first in any engagements, on the other hand it has also exhibited the confused state of mind of Congress party.

The negotiations of RCEP was not kick-started by this government. But it had tried its best to secure India’s interests consistently throughout the negotiations and when it realised that the outcome is not satisfactory, it decided against RCEP. But it seems, can’t decide whether India’s decision is good or bad, though it wants to claim credit for ‘pressurising’ the government on this issue.

Just like the issue of article 370, Congress party put up a confusing and divided stand on the issue of RCEP. While we had in the previous article showed Congress hypocrisy on RCEP deal, after the PM announced pull-out from RCEP, congress leaders once again engaged in doublespeak.

While Congress spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said pulling out of RCEP was a victory for national interests, Congress leader Manish Tiwari said exactly the opposite thing, terming it a defeat.

The confused state of mind of Congress on this issue appears to be deep-rooted. The roots can be found in 2012, when the UPA government had decided to join the negotiation process.