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Here are the Indian Leaders Questioning Their Own Military

Indian politicians

When the whole country is barely recovering from the horrors of Pulwama bloodbath, a number of Indian politicians, let alone Pakistanis, have raised doubts on the Balakot operation of the Indian Air Force. In our earlier article The Congress and Maha Milawat: Why the Desperate Peddling of Pakistani Version? we had explained how the statements of opposition leaders on Indian airstrike is helping Pakistan to spin the narrative. Since such comments have never stopped, here we present them further. Nevertheless, if at all the opposition wants to present some factual Indian narrative, there are plenty of them. One can only wonder why they are refraining themselves from doing so.

Although it is not incumbent on any army to deliver proof of its strategic operations to the wider public, it did confirm that they have achieved the target which was set.

National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) has reportedly had found 300 mobile phones active at the facility, giving a clear indication of the total number of inmates housed there.

Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh has offered a logic to the opposition when he said,

“The NTRO said there were 300 mobile phones with active signal strength in the area before the strike. Now, keep guessing the number of deaths – of course, 300 active mobile phones can’t belong to plants and trees there.”

Now the question is: why were these Indian politicians asking for proof from their own armed forces and the government even questioning the valour of our soldiers. Let us see who these politicians are and what they have uttered.

Digvijaya Singh


Kapil Sibal

Navjot Sidhu

Mamata Banerjee

Then P Chidambaram, Senior Congress leader playing it smartly has tried to sow the seeds of doubts by questioning the death figure in the airstrike.

The question is: why are these leaders questioning their own forces. The fact is that for the first time in the history of this country that an Indian government has actually mounted a decisive assault on the terrorists and their backers in Pakistan, with a view to deal with the problem with a degree of finality. Instead of mere talk, the government has walked the talk taking the battle to the enemy’s camp through the airstrikes within Pakistani territory.

So, what is it that had prevented the opposition from tackling this problem head on when they were in government?

As the government of the day further succeeds on several fronts vis-à-vis Pakistan and terror such as the return of the pilot, diplomatic snub to our neighbour by virtually all leading powers as also the OIC, it seems that the opposition has no choice but to politicise what is an extremely critical national security issue. Importantly, the opposition had also demanded proof post-Indian surgical strikes against terror in the wake of Uri. So, this seems to be the pattern with Congress and other parties in the opposition camp to raise doubts whenever India takes a decisive step.