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Does India Qualify to be called a “Worst-Affected” Covid-19 Nation?

worst-affected Covid-19 nation

Of late, you may have come across a claim that India has replaced Russia to become third worst-affected Covid-19 nation. This claim might have scared you as well by forcing you to think that India is losing the battle against Corona. Naturally, Congress latched on to this claim to argue that the Modi government has failed to deal with the virus.

However, you need to calm down and get real perspective to understand whether India has really become a “worst-affected” nation. If you take the absolute number of infections, then one may be right in putting India in the third place. However, this holds good only if the other nations India is compared with have a same size of population. Since that is not the case, the mere infection numbers, that too excluding the recovery numbers, does not give the true picture.

For the True Picture, one need to look at how far a nation is able to save its infected citizens from the death. Here, India is giving a stellar performance. Since the recent comparison in terms of ranking is with Russia, let’s compare how the two nations are containing deaths.

According to Worldometer, a much-referred dashboard for Coronavirus, Russia is seeing 75 deaths for every 10 lakh population while India’s number for the same is at 16. As on July 10, 2020 numbers of death to 10 lakh population for some prominent countries are as follows: USA- 410, Brazil- 326, Spain -607, UK – 657.



Source: Worldometer

Clearly, India has been rather successful in saving lives in spite of spike in the infection numbers, which is arguably natural in densely populated urban areas. They can’t live in a perpetual lockdown either.

One may always argue that India lags behind in testing compared to many nations mentioned here. Each country has its own strategy of testing. Nevertheless, one must remember that a democratic country like India can’t really hide the dead bodies if at all people dying in large numbers, with or without testing.

It is perhaps telling that India is right in carrying a targeted testing and attending those found positive at early stage, which is preventing deaths and boosting recovery percentage. Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan has also explained this aspect.

As on July 10, 2020 the national recovery rate is 62.42%, and Case Fatality Rate is 2.72%. Both are good numbers compared to many prominent countries of the world.

Now, question yourself. Is India a “worst-affected” country as of now in this global pandemic? Not really, right?