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India Ensured Vaccine for UN Peacekeeping – Goodwill for the Nation Continues to Grow

When Covid-19 hit the world, there were many grave predictions for India. Certain section of opinion makers on international platforms predicted the worst, casting aspersions on the capability of Indian administration in handling the pandemic.

But the vaccine that Indian pharma industry has produced within a small period has countered all the negative propaganda as the countries started showering praises on India.

Now the United Nations has praised India for ensuring vaccines for the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission.

It was on February 18, 2020 during his address to the UN Security Council meeting on COVID-19 that External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar announced a gift of 200,000 COVID-19 doses for the UN peacekeepers.

According to PTI report, the spokesperson for the UN chief has said that UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was extremely grateful for the gift of 200,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses announced by India for peacekeepers.

Currently a total of 94,484 personnel serve in 12 peacekeeping operations across the world led by the Department of Peace Operations. The 200,000 doses essentially mean that it will be possible to administer the required double doses of COVID-19 vaccines to all UN peacekeepers across missions.

India is traditionally one among the largest troops’ contributor to the Mission. Now with the vaccine, it once again exhibited its credentials in the role of ensuring world peace.

With this, India has exhibited its willingness to not only successfully produce vaccine at scale, but also emerge strong in ensuring a value-based, a just distribution system. There are many elements that are bringing a lot of goodwill for India.

  • Domestically, India ensured that health workers, frontline workers and safaikarmacharis get the vaccine on priority, and not the politicians and elites who can use the power of influence and money.
  • While distributing the vaccine abroad, India ensured that it is not the size or economy of any country that matters but a fair process. Thus, India’s neighbours and many small countries, island nations got the vaccine on priority.
  • India didn’t let politics come in the way of vaccine distribution. Though the Canadian government had commented on India’s internal affairs and sought confrontation, when it requested for the access to vaccine, their plea was accommodated.
  • Now, by ensuring vaccines to all the personnel of UN Peacekeeping Mission, India has proved that its priority at the international level is also guided by the strong sense of values.

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