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UPA Vs. NDA: The Story of India’s Lost Decade (2004-2014)

India UPA govt failure

In the hot summer of 2004, the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee stood defeated despite delivering good governance to the country. Even the countrymen were shocked as to what had led to his defeat. The Lok Sabha election of 2004 is probably the only election in the history of independent India in which reasons for the defeat of India’s one of the most beloved Prime Ministers are still not known.

Well, after his defeat, Congress party once again came to power in 2004 and enjoyed the developmental legacy of the Vajpayee government, especially the GDP growth momentum of 8% and above. But soon, this momentum started to lose its sheen. Projects started to come to halt and around 2009, India began to slip into that abyss of big-ticket corruption, appeasement politics and utter chaos.

In this story, we bring to readers some of the popular themes which explain as to how India lost one decade – projects that were started during Vajpayee government, stuck under Manmohan Singh-led UPA government, and which could only be completed after PM Modi came to power. There are many such projects and themes that fit this scenario, but we have only chosen the popular ones.

1. GST

2. Rafale

3. Chabahar Port

4. Sagarmala - Cargo Movement on Inland Waterways

5. Aadhaar Card

6. National Police Memorial

7. Dhola Sadiya Bridge