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Securing Vaccine for People – India’s Efforts Reflects in Global Studies

While Rahul Gandhi of Congress has returned to his usual job of casting aspersions and seeding doubts on India’s capability to administer the vaccine to its vast population, reports indicate that the nation is well-ahead in securing vaccine doses for its citizens.

Hindustan Times, citing a study, has reported that India has emerged as the biggest purchaser of confirmed vaccine doses at 1,600 million. The study, ‘Launch and Scale Speedometer’, analysed data up to November 30 on vaccine procurement and manufacturing to track the flow of procurement has said so.

According to this study, the European Union is in the second position with nearly 1,600 million doses. The United States (US) has managed to purchase 1,000 million vaccine doses.

It should be noted that, another study conducted a month ago by another global agency had placed India as the second highest purchaser of vaccine doses after the US. You may read more about that in our previous article Leveraging its Manufacturing Capacity, India Secures COVID Vaccines. Now, this study puts India in the first place in securing vaccine doses for its population.

In any case, both these estimations make it clear that India is actively planning to ensure the availability of COVID-19 vaccine doses for its citizens whenever it arrives after meeting the safety standards.

As we write this, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was conducting the all-party meet regarding COVID-19 situation and vaccine development.

It is evident that, at an early stage India shaped its action plans effectively with regard to Coronavirus vaccine development, procurement of vaccine, and evolving a distribution mechanism of vaccine while the opposition is busy in trying to evoke a controversy out of nothing. These articles will apprise you about various efforts of India in securing vaccine for its citizens.

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