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Will this Indian Mega Alliance for 5G Technologies Challenge China’s Plan of Global Dominance?

It seems that India is able to deliver a blow on China’s 5G ambitions, which has been a point of much consternation among the global community arising from concerns on possible information slavery. Now, according to a report in the Hindustan Times, India and Japan have decided to join hands in technical development of 5G and 5G plus technologies with the help of other QUAD strategic dialogue members—US and Australia—and Israel.

This is big, considering the fact that the scale of this partnership is promising the world a better alternative to China in 5G technology.

The World’s Dilemma

Before the Corona outbreak, the picture seemed that almost the whole of Europe would let the Chinese company Huawei roll out 5G infrastructure. It was not just a business opportunity for China – it was about securing possession of most of the world’s data using the 5G advantage. In a future world where driverless cars and internet of things are going to shape the lives of people, being a 5G enabler for all such services provided an unimaginable edge to China.

The Corona outbreak and China’s behaviour made the western world sit up and rethink about the intricate elements of 5G. Soon, the UK banned Huawei from its 5G network, and the EU began to insist European companies to replace Huawei in 5G network. Asian countries like Singapore have also opted for other networks without explicitly banning Huawei.

It is true that the world fears China’s dominance of China through 5G. But an alternative, which is of scale need to emerge for world to completely say no to China.

In this context, perhaps India’s bid to develop 5G technology by joining hands with Japan, and also involving countries like the US and Israel who are known for technological expertise and talent offers a major hope.

India to Set the Global Standards?

According to Hindustan Times, “while India and Japan have decided to pitch in for 5G and plus technologies, India is also eyeing the 3GPP, umbrella mobile telecommunications standard organization, and has been successful in the global standards consortium to accept the first Indian rural standard for telecommunication. India along with its partners now will be setting more technological global standards.”