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Managing Pandemic and China’s Aggression – India Today Poll Reflects Confident India

When the going gets tough, the tough gets going is the adage to express the strong will. The trends show that India and its leadership is resolute in taking on the challenge mainly on two fronts, managing the pandemic, and countering China’s aggression at the borders. Here are trends that indicate that India is emerging confident on these fronts.

The Faith on Healthcare

In times of pandemic it is easy to spread the feeling of gloom. When the fear and tragedy stuck at personal level, everybody tends to burst out on system for not giving hope to them. Nevertheless, 77 per cent of the people surveyed for the India Today Mood of the Nation poll said they have faith in India’s healthcare infrastructure amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

It indicates that the rapid manner in which India revamped its health infrastructure during the lockdown period has managed to make an impact. India has put up a mammoth infrastructure in terms of testing labs, special Covid care centres, indigenous PPE kits and ventilators in a quick time to deal with the pandemic thereby saving many lives through early detection of the infection and due medical care.

In the poll, on the question that “How would you rate Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic?” 48% respondents said they rank it good while the 29% said it is outstanding.

On China

In the same poll, respondents were also asked about how India is handling China at this juncture. For the question “How would you rate the Modi govt’s handling of the recent skirmishes with China?”, 69% respondents have said that India gave a befitting answer.

On another question reflecting on the response of the government, the question was posed, “Is banning Chinese apps and denying contracts to Chinese companies the right approach to counter Chinese aggression?” The answer is 91% of thundering yes.

Even if you move beyond this survey, the other happenings also indicate that the world is witnessing a confident India in responding to the Chinese aggression. As per this report, a prominent European think tank opines that India is ready to fight China’s aggression even if it comes to the point of standing alone! They observed, “Just like in Doklam in 2017, the firmness and resolve displayed by the Indian political and military leadership in the face of the Chinese transgressions have surprised China.”

On Economy

Coming back to India Today poll, even on the question of economy, it is evident that people are trusting government in taking care of the economy amidst pandemic. On rating Modi government’s performance on economy, 48% respondents felt good while the 24% felt it is outstanding which makes the positive vibe evident.

For the question “Would you take a loan under various govt schemes launched to tackle the economic crisis?” 58% respondents said yes while 8% are in unsure category. This means that the loans offered by the government indeed proven to be helpful and giving hope.

This is just a glimpse of an upbeat India that is not deterred by the pandemic which may bring cheer to your weekend.