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First Day of the Lockdown – Glimpse of How India is Managing Itself

first day of the lockdown

It is apparent that a lockdown of any country on the scale that India has implemented cannot be a painless exercise. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing the nation, had clearly explained how this is the only option to save the country from the dangerous and rapid spread of the pandemic.

Anyhow, on the first day of 21-days lockdown, pictures emerging from various parts of the country suggest that both people and Indian administrative machine are slowly figuring out ways to sail through this difficult time.

The following pictures and information are collated by credible social media handles and news outlets.

Remember? PM Modi in his speech said, “it is wrong to think that social distancing is just for patients. It is for everyone including the Prime Minister.”

Well, the cabinet has put this into action.

Of course, there is bound to be some initial confusion bound among people and administrative machineries at the ground level. However, this is how people are practising social distancing while accessing essentials. Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray’s official handle tweeted these set of pictures.

Yesterday, several social media handles quoted incidents in which delivery boys of essential service were questioned by the Police. But on the first day itself, this situation seems to be getting addressed, and the police are seen facilitating needed support to public and the supply chain.

Here is how Pune police are addressing the issue.

This is how Bengaluru city Police are working amidst people to sail through confidently this phase.

The Chief Ministers of states are seen addressing people through media and assuring that the essential services will be intact and appealing people not resort to panic buying. Here are few instances to highlight how various Chief Ministers are working to ensure that the lockdown is less painful.

Since a limited period lockdown is the only viable solution with which the world at large has also come to terms with, Indians also need to resolve and prepare themselves to sail through this difficult time with restraint.