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The Many Hues of India’s Defence Preparations in Recent Weeks

Amidst the reported conflict at LAC with China, it is natural that everyone tends to think about the level of India’s security preparations. Many of the strategic edges that India has over China have been already explained in our article, Has India Captured ‘Higher Grounds’ in the Stand-off Against Aggressor China?. Now, let’s look at the instances that occurred in recent weeks that tell you about India’s consistent addition in whatever element possible to its defence preparations.

The Rafale

Though the Rafale fighter jets inducted at this point in time are only five in number, they do play a role in any low-level conflict. Just the fact that any fighter jet that takes off from China has to think about what it can do if a Rafale from India engages them, showing how the conflict scenario is changed.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh has said this during the induction ceremony of Rafale jets.

DRDO’s Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle

Though one can’t say that as of now anything is readily added to our arsenal, DRDO’s successful bid does speak about India’s growing defence capability. The test has laid the building blocks for credible development of a future scramjet-powered hypersonic delivery system. The hypersonic vehicle could steadily increase speed of missiles as it loses fuel weight exhausting the fuel more efficiently and increasing the range to an extent.

Indigenous Utility Helicopter

Recently, indigenously developed Light Utility Helicopter by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited demonstrated high altitude capability in hot and high-altitude weather conditions. The helicopter that took off from Leh demonstrated good performance at Daulat Beg Oldie. Its capacity is being tested by landing at the highest Siachen helipads of Amar and Sonam. At a time when we are witnessing conflicts at the LAC, this development gives confidence for India that it has instruments to manage conflicts.

A Military Agreement with Japan

Considering how India has heightened engagements with Japan in recent years, and the latter also faces China’s aggression, an agreement between the armed forces of two nations assumes significance in shaping the military preparations.

India and Japan signed an Agreement between the two countries concerning the Reciprocal Provision of Supplies and Services between the Armed Forces of India and The Self-Defense Forces of Japan.

This agreement makes way for closer cooperation between the Armed Forces of India and Japan in the reciprocal provision of supplies and services while engaged in bilateral training activities, United Nations Peacekeeping Operations, Humanitarian International Relief and other mutually agreed activities. It enhances the interoperability between the two nations’ armed forces.