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PM Modi Gave the World an Offer It Can’t Refuse and Imran Khan Did the Opposite

India at UNGA

For too long, the perception was that India used to be in a defensive position on a global stage such as United Nations, spending great amount of time to respond to the false allegations made by Pakistan. As Prime Minister Narendra Modi is returning from a week-long visit to US (and United Nations), India has emerged as a clear leader in narrative building. It is evident that Pakistan has not only been put on the defensive side but has also reduced itself to a negative force that stands for anarchy through its irresponsible nuclear threat.

What India has achieved on United Nations General Assembly and also with its engagement with the US can be analysed on the counts below.

PM Modi offered many things to the world, Imran only whined about what the world should give him

If one look at the engagements of both PM Modi and Pakistan PM Imran Khan with the US and at the United Nations, the meltdown of Pakistan on the global stage can’t be missed by any neutral observer. Both in his engagements with President Trump and speech at UNGA, Imran Khan’s utterings were full of Kashmir and how ‘India is turning into Hindu supremacist country under PM Modi and RSS ideology’.

PM Modi on his part has delivered a powerful message against Pakistan while asserting the abrogation of Article 370 amidst the cheering of 50,000 strong audience which made the US administration and the whole world take note. Apart from that, his engagements were with the CEOs of global companies in US, apart from trade discussions with the US administration.

In UNGA, PM Modi left the job of responding to Pak PM’s rhetoric to Indian diplomats which they did to the point, very effectively. PM Modi, on the other hand never mentioned Pakistan at all in his UNGA speech but offered all the positive things that India has achieved which is benefitting the world at large as well.

Prime Minister Modi highlighted the huge transformation brought about by the pro–people initiatives of the government like Swachh Bharat, Ayushman Bharat, Jan Dhan Yojana and Digital identification (Aadhar), while reassuring the world-community about India’s resolve to fight against single-use plastics. He explained how India is bringing the world together with its initiatives in renewable energy sources as such International Solar Alliance.

His comment that India gave ‘Buddha’ to the world and not ‘Yuddha’ (war) itself stood unambiguously against the open call of jihad from Pak PM Imran Khan.

Pak PM Imran’s Speech

Pakistan PM’s speech was all about how the world should come to support Pakistan without offering anything what Pakistan has in it to offer to the world. Moreover, the expectations he put forward were clearly unacceptable to the present world-order. Who can support the view of Imran Khan that normalises terrorism?  He said,

“We all know that marginalisation leads to radicalisation. We must address this issue…Western leaders equated terrorism with Islam.”

While India’s narrative on Kashmir was that the steps taken recently are for the development of the region and its an internal issue, Pak PM warned ‘bloodbath’ in Kashmir as soon as India revokes ‘restrictions’.

Imran Khan once again threatened a ‘nuclear war’ between two countries, while India firmly stood for peace and prosperity in the region.

India’s Factual Rebuttal

Usually the world leaders who speak in UN general assembly adhere to the time of 15-20 minutes, but Imran Khan stretched it to 50 minutes and gave a ‘sermon’ to the world. But when India delivered its ‘Right to Reply’ on the statement of Pakistan, it gave such a pointed reply that it made the lengthy speech of Imran Khan look like a wasted exercise. The reply said, “the threat of unleashing nuclear devastation qualifies as brinksmanship, not statesmanship” and further exposed how Pakistan has remained safe place for nurturing terrorists. India has effectively communicated that Pakistan has no business to lecture anyone on human rights since the size of minority community shrunk from 23% in 1947 to 3% today in Pakistan.

This clip below shows how India successfully conveyed to the world that Pakistan today only stands for ‘hate speech’ and ‘industry of terrorism’.