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No, This Person is Arrested Not for His ‘Remarks’ on Modi- Shah but for Inciting Violence

Inciting violence

As you already know, a section of media has completely overlooked the violent nature of anti-CAA protests in a bid to portray them as ‘democratic’ and ‘secular’. Here is another example of how a section of media is downplaying an apparent call to ‘kill’ the Prime Minister and Home Minister of India.

Here is a simple question. Should there be action against people who incite a crowd to kill some? Any right-thinking individual will not take even a second to answer it with an emphatic yes.

However, going by some media headlines regarding the arrest of a Tamil Nadu ‘orator’ by name Nellai Kannan, one would get the impression that this person has been arrested for merely ‘criticising’ PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

In fact , this person publicly instigated a crowd by wondering aloud , “why they have not yet ‘finished-off’ Amit Shah.”

As the Hindustan Times has reported-

“I was expecting Saheebs to end Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. But no one is doing that,” Kannan had said at the meeting.

It also noted,

“Tamil Nadu Police booked Kannan under IPC section 504, 505 and 505(2) for trying to instigate violence, instigating someone to indulge in violence, and creating violence between two groups.”

Now, let’s see the headlines put out by some of the media groups which suggest that Nellai Kannan, a ‘scholar’, was arrested for his mere ‘remarks’ against the PM and HM.



While many of the publications cited here have specified the reason in their reports, they have evidently tried to frame this case as a ‘freedom of expression’ issue through their headline. This is unfortunate, as the incident was about inciting a crowd, reported to be largely Muslim, to kill an elected representative.

So, summing up the facts:

  • Nellai Kannan has not ‘criticized’ PM Modi and Amit Shah but openly called for their murder.
  • It is not some ‘freedom of expression’ issue as many headlines try to mislead the readers to believe.
  • Further, the use of the prefix ‘scholar’ for a person inciting violence is irrelevant to the issue and his scholarly background is debatable. As this ‘Hindustan Times’ report notes, Kannan is in fact associated with Congress.