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Crossing the Rubicon: One by Heroes, Other by ‘Usual Suspects’ of India

IAF airstrikes Pakistan

Before India struck the Balakot camp in Pakistan, the strategic community has for long discussed whether India would ever cross over into Pakistani territory (not Pak-Occupied Kashmir, mind you) to conduct strikes, or take some form of action on terrorist camps in Pakistan.

The watershed moment finally came in the morning of February 26, 2019, when Indian Air Force backed by decisive political leadership at Delhi, crossed the Rubicon by conducting airstrikes on a JeM terror camp penetrating deep into Pakistan. This was an extraordinary operation which will go in the annals of history as an epic and a heroic one.

But this was not the only Rubicon that Indians crossed in the last two days. Another Rubicon was crossed by another set of Indians. The difference was that the crossing of this other Rubicon had rather negative connotations, and by a smaller section of Indian society.

There have always been a few people in India who have been suspect for their stand on whether they stand with their own country or against it, at a time of crisis, a crisis which is particularly fraught with national security implications. But this apprehension has come true. On February 27, when Pakistan tried to violate Indian airspace along the LoC only to appease its domestic audience, and immediately following it up with Imran Khan’s peace offering speech the same day, this entire group lost no time in pushing Pakistan’s case.

Leading this cabal, Congress Party led by Rahul Gandhi has crossed this other Rubicon by openly presenting a divided polity from India, at a time when India should have been presenting a united face.

One look at the image below will shock you as to how India’s opposition parties led by Rahul Gandhi have played directly into the hands of Pakistan and strengthened the enemy’s case against India. Prime Minister Modi’s counter-terrorism drive was labelled as politicisation of the prevailing security situation. What can be made of this? That India’s opposition led by Rahul Gandhi is pitching for Pakistan? No surprises that the following tweet by Radio Pakistan answers it in the affirmative.

This isn’t just an innocent mistake. Every single one of them in the 21 Opposition parties including the Congress is politically seasoned enough to know how their stance would be used by Pakistan. Yet, they went ahead with it. See the result below.

But, is it only the opposition parties that crossed this Rubicon, or are there more such usual suspects? In their antipathy for Prime Minister Modi, many people forget that they are even throwing national interest out of the window. Take a look at the tweets below coming from some of them.

Sagarika Ghose, the journalist, has called Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan a ‘statesman’, while she keeps criticising her own Prime Minister. Remember that this is the same Imran Khan who harbours terrorist who regularly kill our soldiers and civilians. Worse, this ‘statesman’ had not even condoled the death of the CRPF personnel in the Pulwama attack.

Angshukanta Chakraborty, a journalist, has again found Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan ‘more sensible’ than her own Indian PM. She said, “What a day” lauding the Pakistani PM. This was on a day when Pakistan, led by Imran Khan, had tried to attack military installations in India.

Then, Abhisar Sharma, a journalist, has shared the similar sentiment as that of Angshukanta Chakraborty and retweeted her tweet.

Apart from the above suspects, there are many others too who have tried to psuh Pakistan’s case indirectly. However, we have only covered those who clearly and self-evidently helped Pakistan’s case become stronger.

So, in the last two days, Indians have crossed two Rubicon(s): One has helped India give a strong message not only to terrorists in Pakistan, but also to their patrons in Pakistani establishment that India will not take their nonsense anymore. And the other Rubicon, by the usual suspects who have gone blatantly against Indian interests just because they hate the elected Prime Minister of India and directly played into the hands of the enemy.