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Humour in the Times of Coronavirus – How People are Dealing With the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 tsunami has struck the world, bringing a large number of people to a halt. As enforced lockdowns, quarantine and sit-ins and work from home become mandatory, it is but natural that the underlying fear coupled with the disruption in daily lives is leading to stress in the daily lives of ordinary people. However, many are taking it in the right spirit, and are trying to spread cheer and positivity through humour.

Social media is rife with how the world all over, from China to Italy, has been sharing social media content on dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak and athe forced lockdowns and work from home in different ways.

Italians Finding Humour in the Most Adverse of Times

Italy is the hardest hit country from the COVID-19 outbreak, having reported the largest number of deaths. However, they have been brave in the face of adversity, and have even managed to find humour in the whole situation.

One video shared showed an old man fed up and going around to get coffee amid a lockdown in Italy, only to end the video with a hilarious twist.

Meanwhile people also shared video of the differing cultural responses to the lockdown between Italy and Germany, with the former enjoying while the former shown with a bunch of noisy grumbles.

More videos of Italians literally partying in their balconies have also come out in the midst, showing how people are finding unique ways to deal with the lockdown in the interiors.

China – People Find Humour in Covid-19

China, the country of origin of the Covid-19, has been socially dealing with the epidemic bravely. With all the problems, people have found every opportunity to find humour to combat boredom and remain stress free.

In one video put up on social media platforms across China, people forget they are wearing masks as they attempt to drink water, signalling how the masks have become like second skin.

Funny videos on maintaining social distancing, be it in public places or simply out in the open. Also, videos finding humour in everyday activities have emerged.

Iran – Funny Videos Flood Social Media

Iran, another country hit real hard by the pandemic, is finding ways of dealing with the situation. Funny mime videos that tell people how to wash hands set to western classical music have been doing the rounds.

Further, videos on ways to avoid handshakes and nurses dancing to combat the stress arising from the continued battle against the epidemic.

India – Hanging On With Jokes Galore

Indians from all walks of life have been sharing funny content and mixing it up with useful information, catching the attention of people. Famous parody song writer Sawan Dutta, famous for her Bengali Aunty theme, created a song that emphasizes on washing hands.

Cricket star Virender Sehwag shared a funny video that highlighted the importance of social distancing.

Meanwhile, the Janta Curfew 5pm applause too saw funny takes on it.

Israeli Mother Rant Against Distance Learning for Her Children

New York Times reporter Katie Rosman shared a hilarious video of a mother in Israel ranting about how distance learning is proving to be a fiasco for her, as she is struggling to manage it with her four children. In one section of the video, the exasperated mother says that her kids will finally find out “how dumb we are.” Katie Rosman shared the tweet saying it was her “in another language.”

As the world comes together to fight this menace, it is important for people to follow all precautions, adhere to the lockdown and self-quarantine guidance, and spread the right information. While it would be stressful and boring for most people, it is essential if we truly want to defeat the Covid-19 pandemic. Finding humour in every day life will be critical in such a scenario.