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The Humorous Side of Narendra Modi

humour in public life

Laughter is the best therapy. This is an epithet often quoted. The ability to laugh and be witty is the mark of an aware person. In politics, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has often stated that humour has seemed to disappeared from the public discourse. As Chief Minister and then Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has often shown great presence of mind in dealing with opponents, adversarial situations or cracking jokes in general, and has been spotted laughing heartily whenever he enjoys a joke. We present to you a few instances when PM Modi’s wisecracks left people in splits across India.

Replying to Rahul Gandhi’s Dande Remark with Humour

Rahul Gandhi, leader of the Congress party in February 2020 had passed a distasteful comment on the Prime Minister in his campaign for Delhi’s assembly elections. Mr Modi’s comeback in Parliament left the country in splits and the Wayanad MP with a sullen face.

PUBG Wala Hai Kya? Witty Comment Among Students Breaks the Ice

At the 2019 Pariksha Pe Charcha event, PM Modi displayed his presence of mind as part of a reply to a parent’s concern about her son getting addicted to online games. True to his style, Mr. Modi’s clever joke helped break the ice among the audience, and connected him to the audience in an unexpected fashion.

Humour to Express Affection, the Narendra Modi Way

In September 2019, as part of the inauguration of Garvi Gujarat Bhawan, PM Modi cracked a witty joke about food habits of Gujaratis. Being from Gujarat, he used this as a means to connect to the people of Gujarat, with whom he has a long-standing relationship of love and affection.

PM Modi’s Caustic Humour at Renuka Choudhary’s Expense

In February 2018 the Congress party in its old habits tried to continually heckle Prime Minister Modi while he was delivering his address to the Rajya Sabha. At the forefront of them all was Renuka Choudhary who tried to prove a point by laughing raucously. PM Modi’s witty comment turned the tide in one second.

Making the Most of a Mic Failure

As Chief Minister of Gujarat Mr. Modi was once talking about his city development initiatives when the microphone malfunctioned for a brief period. Showing his typical presence of mind, Mr. Modi started off as soon as the mic restored with an incomparable witticism.