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‘Ab Ki Baar Trump Sarkar’: Did PM Modi Endorse Trump?

Ab ki baar trump Sarkar

Howdy, Modi event has achieved a historic success. Further consensus for India on its action on Jammu Kashmir and Pakistan, the defining image of two world leaders walking hand-in-hand, the resolve of both India and the US to fight terrorism are the clear accomplishments of the event. You can read more about this in our article Howdy, Modi: India’s Will & Strength Trump on Global Stage.

Nevertheless, naysayers being naysayers, are trying to propagate falsehoods that the event was just about helping President Trump to pitch for the next election. They are blaming that PM Modi has taken a political stance to support a particular party through his endorsement of Donald Trump with the phrase ‘Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar’.

Did PM Modi indeed support a political party, Republicans in this instance? No. It is completely false and misleading. It just takes you a minute to listen to that part of the video, where PM Modi introduces Donald Trump to the podium. PM Modi was only referring to Donald Trump’s own assertion of ‘Ab ki baar Trump Sarkar’ back in 2016, in his Presidential campaign and it is not a pitch for this election as some critics of Modi wants you to believe.

Before we further declutter the context, here are some samples of critics’s effort to run down the event with a misleading narrative.



The Context of ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkar’

In his introductory speech along with President Trump on the stage, PM Modi said, “We Indians are well-connected to Donald Trump.”

So, in what way Indians have this connection? Because Donald Trump had used the phrase which was similar to the expression Indians have used. PM Modi then went on to explain,

“The words of candidate Trump, ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkar’, rang loud and clear.”

So, PM Modi never said ‘Ab ki baar Trump sarkar’ as an endorsement pitch to the upcoming Presidential elections in 2020 but was referring to the slogan from 2016. Therefore, the question of PM Modi supporting a particular party doesn’t arise.

You can understand the exact context by referring to this video clip of the event published by India Today.
As far as Donald Trump using the phrase back in 2016 in his Presidential campaign is concerned, there are any number of media reports available on that moment. PM Modi was just referring to that part of history. The buzz that was created at that point of time when Donald Trump rephrased the famous slogan of Indian election in 2014 to his campaign, these were the media headlines that have emerged.


Just before the Howdy, Modi the usual suspects had come up with some frivolous arguments and fake news to run down the event, which got busted. Now, their another round of spreading fake narrative around the event also got busted.