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No Recommendations to Make Hindi Compulsory in Schools – It is a Fake News

hindi mandatory in schools

Scaremongering and negativity created by any fake news arguably makes it viral. Often the clarification with respect to a particular fake news, which emerges afterwards, might not have the same messaging capability as the fake news itself. This perhaps is true in the instance of scaremongering efforts with regard to the ‘Hindi imposition’ in schools across the country.

A section of media ran fake news claiming that the New Education Policy Draft has made the Hindi language mandatory till Class 8 across the country. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar categorically rejected these claims stating that no such recommendations were made.

The Indian Express and News18 have published this fake news about Hindi being made compulsory. Though they added the tweet by HRD Minister at the later stages, there are apparent disturbing questions in this regard.

Interestingly, the policy draft is not yet available in the public domain and the reports are quoting ‘sources’ in support of their story. So, does it need such scaremongering with respect to a sensitive issue like language?

Any policy draft does not become law all of a sudden. In this context, the question arises, what was the hurry to run this kind of a story claiming that the New Education Policy has made Hindi compulsory in all the schools?

The headline of The Indian Express evidently provides much scope for spreading a misleading campaign.

One can clearly notice that how even after the clarification issued by the Union Minister, the newspaper (last checked at 1 PM, January 10, 2019) has stuck to its ‘source’ based narrative in the opening para and added the rebuttal only at the end of the story.

The News18 carries Minister’s clarification in the headline but still stuck to the fake news that the New Policy Draft makes Hindi compulsory.

Here is the categorical denial of such reports by the Union Minister: