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Rahul Gandhi Spreads Fake News on Haryana CM Khattar on Kashmir

Haryana Manohar Khattar Kashmir comment

In times when the situation in Kashmir demands sensitive reporting and responsible public handling, Congress’s Rahul Gandhi is busy in spreading fake news. This is despite this news having been proved fake with a comprehensive video! Here is how he has tweeted.

In Maharishi Bhagirath Jayanti Samaroh program at Fatehabad, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar was giving a speech on the development of the local area. In the speech, while talking about the improvement in sex ratio under Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign, the Haryana CM referred to two states of Bihar and Kashmir in a particular context. However, a controversy was maliciously created over his reference to Kashmir in the speech.

Here is how it was reported:

However, when one listens to his speech, the misreporting becomes very clear. In first minute of the video below, the context of CM’s reference to Kashmir has no such part where he is saying that girls from Kashmir can now be brought for marriage.

Here is the Hindi transcript of relevant part of what Haryana CM has said in the program.

हमारे इस हरियाणा का नाम बदनाम था कि ये बेटियों को मारने वाला प्रदेश है लेकिन हमने अभियान चलाया। जो जेंडर रेश्यो लड़कियों की संख्या 1000 लड़कों के पीछे 850 थी अब 1000 लड़कों के पीछे वही लड़कियों की संख्या 933 हो गयी है। ये बहुत बड़ा काम, ये समाज परिवर्तन का काम है, आखिर बुजुर्ग लोग नौजवान लोग कोई भी व्यक्ति इस बात को समझेगा आने वाले समय में,आने वाले समय में ये संकट खड़ा हो सकता है लड़कियां कम और लड़के ज्यादा हो जायें तो हमारे धनकड़ जी ने कहा कि बिहार से लानी पड़ेंगी अब कुछ लोग कह रहे हैं कि कश्मीर खुल गया वहां से ले आएंगे। मजाक की बातें अलग हैं लेकिन समाज में रेश्यो ठीक होगी तो संतुलन सही बैठेगा। इसलिए इसमें भी हमको हिस्सा लेना है।

Translation of the Transcript

Our Haryana had become infamous and it was seen as a state that kills girls. We ran a campaign. The gender ratio which was 850 girls per thousand boys has now increased to 933 girls per thousand boys. This is a big task; this is a task of social change. Elderly, youth or anyone will understand there may come a danger that number of girls is lesser than the number of boys. Our Dhankad Ji on this has said, we will bring them (Read girls) from Bihar. Now, some people are saying that Kashmir is open and we can bring them (Read girls) from there. These jokes apart, but if the gender ratio is correct, then there will be balance in the society. Therefore, we will have to take part in this.

CM Misquoted

From the speech and its transcript, it is clear that he was talking about the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign and referred to states of Bihar and Kashmir as what is generally perceived in the state if the situation of gender ratio worsens. CM has categorically rejected them as non-serious conversations and has instead asked people to get serious about correcting the gender imbalance within Haryana. He focused on the problem of gender ratio, improvement and appealed to people to participate in the mission of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao. This is actually a laudable thing to say. But he has clearly been maliciously misquoted.

Having realized the mistake, some of the media house like ANI have already deleted their story.

But some sections of media and political parties are still busy misquoting him to get the political mileage out of his speech and unfortunately, helping Pakistan and anti-national elements to have a free run capitalizing upon such fake news. No surprises, Rahul Gandhi has also done what he does best. With his tweet sharing a fake news, he has further armed Pakistan and tried to create unrest in the valley.