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EXCLUSIVE – Govt’s Rescue of Stranded Student from COVID-Hit Italy: A Father’s Account

COVID-Hit Italy

In the wake of the WHO declared pandemic, the Indian government has been at the forefront of combating COVID-19. The efforts have been multi-dimensional, from controlling its spread within India to rescuing Indian citizens stranded in various countries.

The TTP (The True Picture) team recently got in touch with the father of a student stranded in Milan, Italy, when the Coronavirus outbreak led to a complete shutdown in Italy. His touching account was already circulating on the social media. We spoke to Mr. Sujay Kadam from Mumbai, Maharashtra, who verified the following account being shared:

Mr. Kadam’s daughter was to join University in Milan, Italy, on February 20, 2020. But, due to the spread of the virus, the college remained shut. Soon, the situation turned worse leading to shut down of supermarkets on March 10, 2020. With limited stock of supplies, her father asked her to make arrangements to return to India.

However, the Italian government was only allowing evacuation to take place with certification from the Indian authorities. Mr. Kadam sent an SOS mail (a screenshot of which is given below) to the Indian embassy in Italy on March 12, 2020. Not used to a quick government response, he was pleasantly surprised when his daughter informed him on the night of March 13, 2020 that the Indian Embassy contacted her and that she was to fly back to her motherland the very next day.

From his own account, Mr. Kadam has been greatly touched by the promptness and concern the Indian government showed in the time of crisis. His daughter was flown back from Milan on March 14, 2020. She landed on March 15, 2020 and is now safely quarantined at ITBP Hospital in Delhi.  He told the TTP correspondent that the arrangements at the facility, including food and medical facilities, are up to the mark. His daughter would be allowed to return home after finishing 14-days in quarantine and testing negative for the Coronavirus twice.

The Indian Consulate in Italy had also tweeted photos of an AI flight that departed from Milan carrying 211 students.

As a father, Mr. Kadam is elated that his daughter is back and is well looked after by the Indian government. He has thanked the Indian Embassy in Italy, Air India crew, ITBP Hospital staff, the Central government, and especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi for this humanitarian gesture.