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Google No Longer Seems to Suggest Keywords on Rahul Gandhi – Strange?

Google Keywords Planner Rahul Gandhi

Digital Marketers, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) professionals working in public policy space may find it difficult to search keywords for articles focusing on Rahul Gandhi. It may sound strange but this seems to be a new reality.

While writing about Rahul Gandhi, there are many organisations that have SEO specialists who give keywords for that article to do better in terms of visibility. SEO specialists generally go to Google Keyword Planner and get suggestions from there. But, recently, it has been noted that Google is not suggesting anything when the term Rahul Gandhi is typed in the Keyword Planner. However, it continues to suggest the same for other leaders like Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi, Manish Tewari or the Congress Party.

The Keyword Planner doesn’t suggest keywords for every term. For example, it doesn’t suggest anything on Shashi Tharoor. But, to think that Google has no keyword suggestions on Rahul Gandhi who is one of the most talked-about and widely discussed figures is a little strange.

Here are the snapshots of Google Keyword Planner when keywords for different terms are searched.

Narendra Modi

Priyanka Gandhi

Indian National Congress


Manish Tewari

Rahul Gandhi

Keyword Planner has suggestions on all the terms like Narendra Modi, Priyanka Gandhi, Indian National Congress, and BJP. But, nothing when keywords on Rahul Gandhi are searched. Google Keyword Planner says that “all keywords were removed”. While this is a normal Google response for some search keywords, for Rahul Gandhi, it doesn’t seem to be normal.

It appears to be a deliberate exercise. It could be done to avoid giving suggestions on Rahul Gandhi making it difficult to get the keywords and meta tag the articles written about him. This may also help in making SEO difficult on Rahul Gandhi.

Now, whether this is a part of the re-building of Rahul Gandhi’s image or something else, it is difficult to say now. But this can’t be done without getting the changes done at the backend of the Keyword Planner.


Disclaimer – The Keyword Planner screenshots were taken at 5 PM on July 26, 2019.