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Good Encounters and Bad Encounters: Where Does Mayawati Stand?

On November 29th of this year, a gruesome crime which took place in Hyderabad shocked the conscience of the nation. The news of a 26-year-old veterinarian being brutally raped and burnt to death rightfully triggered outrage in the nation.

Soon after, Telangana Police arrested 4 persons for the crime and proceeded with the case. Then in the morning of 6th December, Telangana Police announced that the four accused in the case were killed in an encounter as they tried to escape from the crime scene. The Police reported that accused also stole the weapons of police and started attacking them and hence had to be gunned down.

As the news about this encounter broke out, there were mixed reactions on Social Media and among public with many congratulating the police while others pointed out the need to strengthen the judicial system and punish the convicts according to the law.

Amidst this debate, former Uttar Pradesh CM Mayawati waded in to make a politically loaded statement asking the U.P. and Delhi police forces to take learn from Telangana Police.

Past Record of Mayawati

While in this instance Mayawati congratulated Telangana Police for the encounter, asking U.P. cops to take inspiration from them, in the past, she had come out criticizing the police saying encounters discomfort the public.

She was refuted by the U.P Police who tweeted that Jungle Raj belonged to the past in U.P.

The official Twitter account of Uttar Pradesh Police in a tweet stated that 103 criminals have been killed and 1859 have been injured in 5178 police engagements in the past two years while adding that a total of 17,745 have “surrendered or cancelled their own bails to go to jail”.