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Tamil Nadu Didn’t Say #GoBackModi, Pakistan Did

go back modi

Soon after PM Modi arrived at Chennai airport for his informal summit with President Xi Jinping at Mahabalipuram, a hashtag #GoBackModi started trending on twitter. This hashtag which trends invariably whenever PM Modi visits Tamil Nadu is trying to give an impression that people of Tamil Nadu are somehow opposed to PM Modi. Now, it is proved that a majority of the tweets originated with the above hashtag have largely emerged from Pakistan.

So, the sinister design of such a hashtag can be summed up as below.

  • It’s a Pakistan propaganda. All those who lapped up to such hashtags for whatever political reason they might have against PM Modi are actually serving the interests of Pakistan knowingly or unknowingly.
  • It drives a false impression against the people of Tamil Nadu

Multiple news channels and news publications have exposed in detail how most of those tweets with hashtag #GoBackModi came not from Tamil Nadu or even India but from Pakistan. We at The True Picture have also gone through the tweets under this hashtag and found out that major chunk of the users tweeted using the hashtags have identified themselves as Pakistanis.

According to the Times Now report, the hashtag emerged from the efforts of Pakistan, opposition Congress and some trolls.

In fact, anyone can go to the particular hashtag to see that it has mainly promoted by the Pakistani users. Here are some examples.




We also found out that most of the tweets originating in India were tweets that were opposed to this hashtag and inadvertently popularized the same hashtag by including in their tweets.

So, next time when such hashtags trend, you should know the origins and motives of such propagandists.