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Giving Hope A Chance – NCRB Launches Online National Level Services Related To Search Of Missing Persons


Locating missing persons has always been a priority of the Modi Government, which has tried to undertake as many actions possible at its end to resolve the various challenges. To this end, another major step was taken on 29 January 2020, when the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) launched Police related Citizen centric services on Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS) platform here today to help citizens search for Missing Persons.

Digital India To Find The Missing

The service, which can be accessed through the address digitalpolicecitizenservices.gov.in or through a link in the existing ‘Digital Police Portal’ has been made available online to citizens. The citizens can now search for their missing kin against the national database of recovered unidentified found person/unidentified dead bodies from their homes.

With this step, it is believed that relatives of missing persons will benefit immensely, saving them from running around. All such relevant details including photos have been made available in the CCTNS to ordinary citizens at their convenience.

Not The Only Step For The Citizens

This is not the only portal to help the grieving citizens. Earlier in 2015, the Government of India had launched a website to help trace missing children called Khoya Paya. The site allows users to report children sighted as abandoned, lost or with suspicious person. Besides enabling those who spot a missing child in suspicious circumstances to upload data along with photo, the portal will allow parents to upload information about their missing children in real time.

Thousands Go Missing Each Year

As per the National Crime Records Bureau, over 6,40,000 people went missing in 2018; nearly half of them could not be traced or found. The statistics for children are only somewhat better. Over 1,15,656 children went missing in 2018. Of this 61% could be traced back; however, over 44,000 could still not be traced.

One hopes that the positive steps taken by the Government in this direction can help the people parents and family members of the missing people reach to some kind of answer and closure where necessary.