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Cleaning the Decades of Dirt in Ganga- How the Results Are Visible in 2018

Ganga cleaning

Ever since the Modi Government has come to power in the Centre, a great thrust has been given to cleaning of the Indian rivers. We have recently detailed how the Namami Gange Programme is making a difference on the ground in our article, Why Namami Gange Will Succeed, Unlike the Ganga Action Plan. The Namami Gange Programme has been explained in detail in the article.

As the year 2018 is ending, we recapitulated various efforts and the progress that has been made in this year as far as cleaning River Ganga is concerned. There are some development and media reports that reflected the changes that happened on the ground. Many eminent personalities have also acknowledged and praised the efforts gone into cleaning the Ganga River that yielded some favourable results.

Ganga Cleaning - Change is Visible

Recently, renowned Actor Anupam Kher tweeted to appreciate the cleanliness of Varanasi city located on the banks of the river Ganga. Before that, Actor Anil Kapoor also appreciated Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the MP from the Varanasi constituency for keeping the City and Ghats clean and beautiful. Journalist, Writer Kanchan Gupta has explained in the series of tweets as to how the Ganga River now has pristine waters and how once dirty Ghats have now turned spotless.

Hindustan Times recently reported about the study conducted by various institutes including ISRO, which arrived at a conclusion that the marine life in the Ganga River is thriving since the oxygen quality in the river has greatly improved.

Apparently, a lot of efforts went behind the scene to get such results. Journalist Rajat Sharma’s write up, How India’s holiest river Ganga is being transformed has captured some of those efforts put in by the administration. An excerpt from his write up is given below:

In Prayagraj near Sangam, our reporter found the sewage treatment plant operational. Arrangements for Kumbh Mela are going on at a feverish pace, and the Ganga is being cleaned up on a war footing. There were 64 drains in Prayagraj city throwing waste into the Ganga, but with the setting up of seven sewage treatment plants, the flow of waste into Ganga has reduced. 32 drains in the city have been closed down so far.”

Stopping Sisamau Drain

This is perhaps the biggest contribution to the Ganga River cleaning that happened during the year 2018. Sisamau Drain in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur is said to be 128 years old drain which used to discharge 14 crore liter of untreated sewage daily into the Ganga River. The sewage water is now diverted to a sewage treatment plant.

Ensuring the Flow

The major demand from the activists on Ganga cleaning for years has been to ensure and maintain the flow level of the River Ganga along its path. This has also been achieved in 2018 with the e-flow notification. We have earlier explained how this e-notification will not only help in reducing the river pollution but also to ensure Aviral and Nirmal flow of the Ganga River – which means maintaining a continuous flow and clean river. Read our article, Draft Ganga Act – Another Step Towards the River Ganga Rejuvenation to know more details.

Apart from these major steps, taking action against the polluting factories, river rejuvenation, setting-up of sewage treatment plants etc., the Modi Government has taken a series of steps to clean the Ganga River. The below infographic captures the essence of the efforts that led to a cleaner Ganga.