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Development at Northeast India’s Doorstep: How Modi Government is Improving the Standard of Living

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Northeast India was always considered a remote and inaccessible area which was devoid of development due to ‘tyranny of distance’. Successive governments since 1947 didn’t pay much heed to the needs of Northeast India. Narendra Modi led government is different.

When we talk of development in northeast, all we hear is about infrastructure, railways, bridges, airports and how Northeast is now the gateway to Southeast Asia. But this is happening at the macro level. Is the life of common people changing? Has the quality of life improved since Narendra Modi took over in 2014? Let us have a look.

Rural Sanitation Coverage under Swachh Bharat

Before 2014, most states were between 50-60% coverage. This indicates the bad situation they were in terms of health and cleanliness. The situation has changed now. All 8 states have 100% rural sanitation coverage.

State Sanitation Coverage as on 2nd October 2014 (%) Sanitation Coverage as on 2nd Oct 2019 (%)
Arunachal Pradesh 45.38 100
Assam 41.28 100
Manipur 52.16 100
Meghalaya 56.11 100
Mizoram 74.13 100
Nagaland 49.49 100
Sikkim 88.71 100
Tripura 62.66 100
Houses constructed under PM Awas Yojana- Gramin

The biggest victim of underdevelopment is housing. Everyone wants a roof over their head. Schemes existed during UPA days too. Hence for comparison, if we see houses constructed between 2010-2014 and 2014-18, we find Modi government built more than three times the houses than UPA. If we add 2018-19 and calculate the absolute number of houses built in the five years of Modi government, it turn out to be 7.27 lakh houses.

State Houses constructed from 2010-2011 to 2013-14 Houses constructed from 2014-15 to 2017-18 Houses Constructed in five years

2014-15 to 2018-19

Arunachal Pradesh 0 4 89
Assam 1,05,359 4,50,247 6,14,165
Manipur 222 3,431 11,094
Meghalaya 14,866 15,468 27,815
Mizoram 5,654 3,315 4,240
Nagaland 7,332 7,116 7,133
Sikkim 0 2,417 3,280
Tripura 17,756 36,951 59,705
Total Houses 1,51,189 5,18,949 7,27,521
PM Ujjwala Yojana

PM Narendra Modi remarked that he saw his mother being troubled by the toxic fumes of firewood hearths (Chulha). This is the genesis of Ujjwala Yojana which aims to make kitchens smokeless and women healthy. Northeast India hasn’t been far behind with 42 lakh LPG connections being installed.

State LPG Connections as on 7th Sept 2019
Arunachal Pradesh 44,668
Assam 34,93,730
Manipur 1,56,195
Meghalaya 1,50,664
Mizoram 28,123
Nagaland 55,143
Sikkim 8,747
Tripura 2,72,323
Total 42,09,593 connections
Electrification under Saubhagya

All the states have recorded 100% electrification status, showing that entire northeast has been illuminated.

Jan Dhan Accounts

Financial inclusion was always a challenge in northeast. When even roads were not built properly, it seemed impossible for people to open accounts in banks and save in accounts. Modi government did the impossible. The push through Jan Dhan accounts has led to almost 2 crore accounts being opened. The people have deposited more than Rs 5000 crores, which is not a small amount for smaller states of Northeast.

State Number of accounts as on 6th Nov 2019 Balance in Beneficiary Account (in crores)
Arunachal Pradesh 3,25,380 119.04
Assam 1,59,86,911 3,707.87
Manipur 9,39,814 201.31
Meghalaya 4,67,570 200.81
Mizoram 3,10,362 107.85
Nagaland 2,99,915 62.94
Sikkim 93,792 40.03
Tripura 8,82,985 664.02
Total 1,93,06,729 accounts 5,103.87 crores
Direct Benefit Transfer

Who says NE India is remote? DBT has transferred money directly to the beneficiaries. Apna Adhikar, Apne Dwar is the tagline aptly applicable for the people of northeast. Almost Rs 16000 crores have been transferred since 2016-17 directly in the pocket of people.

State Amount Transferred from 2016-17 till June 2019
(in Rs crores)
Arunachal Pradesh 186
Assam 9,088.6
Manipur 573.73
Meghalaya 1,796.92
Mizoram 941.07
Nagaland 309.35
Sikkim 255.14
Tripura 2,808.33
Total 15,959.14 crores
Mudra Loans Sanctioned

Northeast India has a lot of business potential in tourism, medicine, craft, food processing and bamboo industry. But access to credit was a problem due to lack of collateral. Modi government ensured funding for budding enterprises in North-east through Mudra, a sure shot way of employment generation and poverty alleviation.

State Number of loans sanctioned
From 2015-16 till 2019-20 (provisional)
Amount Released (in crores)

From 2015-16 till 2019-20 (provisional)

Arunachal Pradesh 37,134 398.43
Assam 64,82,210 25,600.46
Manipur 1,96,717 942.65
Meghalaya 1,23,571 928.69
Mizoram 46,097 578.13
Nagaland 49,675 508.4
Sikkim 80,470 514.99
Tripura 13,20,085 5,170.03
Total Loans 83,35,959

i.e more than 83 lakh

34,641.78 crores
Ayushman Bharat: Ensuring a Healthy Northeast India

Northeast India was always in news for falling parameters of tribal health and lack of good healthcare due to affordability issues. Ayushman Bharat has helped to change this scenario as the number of treatments and amount disbursed in one year since its launch has been remarkable.

State Number of claims submitted till Sept 2019 Claim amount submitted till Sept 2019

(in crores)

Arunachal Pradesh 428 0.68
Assam 55894 73.44
Manipur 5778 9.48
Meghalaya 55979 41.25
Mizoram 20554 17.01
Nagaland 3278 4.41
Sikkim 461 0.58
Tripura 32639 17.39
Total 1,75,011 claims


Rs 164.24 crores

After seeing the above data, it is apparent that the standard of living has been raised in the northeast in the last five years. Any guesses why the NDA won 17 out of 25 seats in Northeast region?

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    I am suspended on twitter & hence the comment here . Housing sector is in doldrums but government has built almost crores of houses that was all being built earlier . so people would be employed . difficult to understand this paradox . what exactly ails the construction sector . Government also not making attempt to reduce stamp duty /registration charges and no attempt to curb benami , RERA , incomplete houses just do not seem to be completing . Is this problem across the country or restricted to metros and big cities. Permissions /abuse of law continues . no scheme for 100 % registration records digitised and people can see it ! what are narendra modi /piyush goyal afraid of that they can’t act on this sector !