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For the First Time: Lasting Leaps for Governance

first-time Modi govt achievements

We have often faced the question – what has changed in India in the last 5 years, especially after people voted for change in 2014? While there have been many answers to this question, nothing explains this more aptly than the many firsts achieved in the realm of governance during this period. It is these firsts which speak the story of how India has made a wholesale transformation in the lives of the citizenry of this country, most notably, the long-suppressed poor and the marginalised. Here, we list out the many firsts that were achieved in this period.

Historic Firsts

Supporting Farmers

Boost to Defence Capabilities

Ayushman Bharat

An Era of Inclusive Development

Broad basing Indian Economy

Connecting India

Setting New Milestones in Science & Tech

All Round Women Empowerment


Growing Positive Investors’ Sentiments in the Economy

Going Digital

Global Recognition for India’s Cultural Heritage

Proactive Leadership

Culture of Accountability and Trust Established

Ending Corruption

Towards a Sustainable Future