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On the Anniversary of Mumbai Terror Attack, Count How Many Attacks Were Averted in Five Years

fighting the terrorists

On the 11th anniversary day of the dreaded Mumbai attack the nation gratefully remembers people like Tukaram Omble, Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan and many other officers who laid their life in protecting Mumbai and fighting the terrorists.

In all these years after the Mumbai attack, we the public have come out of the fear in the sense that there is no longer a fear that prevents you from spending time in restaurant and hotel lobby. Indians are increasingly travelling to various places in India including Mumbai. Long back the hustle came back into public life. Part of the reason for this is that in the last five years especially, no terrorists attack targeting the civilians has taken place though there were other unfortunate incidents targeting the armed force for which the answer in terms of military action was given.

Now, think on these lines. To ensure people such a secure atmosphere what amount of stress and hard work went on the part of the security establishment to ensure Mumbai like attack not take place again. While we are relaxing with our family at picnic spots and restaurants, there are many persons from the security establishment who are sacrificing their personal and family times in cracking down the terror designs and foiling the efforts of terrorists to strike India.

On the anniversary day of the Mumbai attack, let’s also pay respect to those anonymous heroes who are protecting us. Because of the briefings by the officials and media reports we came across many instances where terror attacks averted. Surely there are many instances that even not came to the fore to be discussed in the public domain.

Chaos at Kumbh Averted

In times when the countries in the western world like UK and Germany come under terror strike targeting civilians, ensuring that the biggest congregation of humanity, Kumbh Mela, terror attack-proof is a tough job. The dreaded terror organization ISIS did plan an attack on Kumbh Mela that was organized in January this year, but thanks to our ever-vigilant intelligence and security forces that a big chaos and loss of life was averted.


Cracking Down on ISIS

If not for the National Investigating Agency and the police force which are working in a fine coordination in recent days, ISIS must have gone reckless in inflicting grave injuries on India. NIA keeping a constant eye on the recruitments and planning activities in ISIS in India that had resulted in many possible attacks being prevented. We have written at length on this issue in our piece NIA’s Relentless Pursuit in Busting Islamic State Module in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.


Preventing Attack on National Capital

Terrorists carrying out an attack on major cities, especially on New Delhi creates a big impact of fear in the hearts of people even living in the remote corners of the country. That is what any terrorist organization desperately wants. But in the recent past many such intended attacks have been foiled by our security establishment.

Just a day ago, Police have foiled an IS-inspired terror attack on Delhi and Assam with the detention of few suspected terrorists.




All the above-mentioned incidents show that there has been an increasing coordination between various investigating agencies, strengthening of intelligence gathering mechanism etc under the Modi government with the much-acclaimed security expert Ajit Doval leading the security frameworks through the post of National Security Advisor. We have explained as to how exactly things have changed in the security domain in our article NSA Doval Spoke About India’s Counter-Terrorism Strategy, Is This Already in Action?. You may also like to read our article ‘Reign’ Of Terror (2004-2014) to understand how far the situation was turned bleak back then.

Its only natural that on this day we spare our thoughts for all those in the security establishment who are taking the strain of going that extra mile to ensure that India remains secure and similar deadly saga to Mumbai attack never takes place.