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Here Are Five Things That Make Indians Upbeat About Fight Against Corona

fight against corona

A much-needed spark of positivity in the fight against Coronavirus was seen on Sunday evening, when people across the country showed up at their doors and in their balconies and clapped, blew conch shells, clanged utensils and expressed their gratitude for all those including the medical fraternity who are at the frontline of fighting the epidemic. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call has brought India together and instilled a confidence that we as a nation unitedly can fight it back in a disciplined way.

Not just at an emotional level, but on purely logistical level also there are enough example emerging to say that India has put up a resolute fight against the epidemic. Let’s look at some of those instances.

Centre Ramping up Medical Infrastructure

The Union Government, in co-ordination with all the state governments, is working round the clock to completely ramp up the medical facilities across the nation in order to fight COVID-19.

At a press conference, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director Balram Bhargava said that each state pledged to earmark hospitals exclusively to treat COVID-19 patients.

Also, India’s testing capability is increasing with each passing day. As on Sunday, 60 private labs had registered so far to conduct coronavirus tests. A total of 16,999 samples from 16,109 individuals have been tested for COVID-19.

The Centre has also directed private hospitals across India to designate dedicated wings to treat the affected patients, prepare for sample collection and plan for preparing their staff accordingly.

Karnataka Sets an Example

On Sunday, Karnataka Chief Minister B S Yediyurappa announced that the 1,700-bed Victoria Hospital in Bengaluru would be exclusively reserved for handling Coronavirus cases. Cardiologist Devi Shetty needs a special mention, as he is offering many such ideas and helping the home state to rapidly build up infrastructure to broaden the fight against the epidemic. The idea of having dedicated Covid hospitals, as explained by Devi Shetty in his media interactions, is important because to facilitate resources such as Oxygen cylinders etc to one place is easy. Also, by allocating COVID-19 patients to many hospitals, there is a danger of the spread of the virus. In the days to come, such dedicated COVID hospitals are expected to spread across the regions.

Indian business persons chipping in

It has been proved that in the times of crises, India puts a united front. Prominent business people have announced monetary supports for innovation and medical infrastructure that play an important role in battling the epidemic.

Anand Mahindra initiated a business immunity platform which will help small business firms to sail through the lockdown phase. He also pledged his group’s support in manufacturing ventilators.

In another instance, the executive chairman of Vedanta Ltd Anil Agarwal announced setting up of a ₹100-crore fund to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The Path of Innovation

Researchers from IIT-Delhi have developed an affordable test kit for COVID-19. Considering that testing on a scale that India operates throws a mega challenge, indigenous efforts such as these are a welcome sign.

Positive side of Indian pharma

Though the drug for Coronavirus, in all practical sense, can’t materialize before 12-18 months, there are a number of ongoing discussions on what could be the solution for the virus. The American President Donald Trump suggested an old malaria treatment, in which Indian pharma companies have large stakes.

In another instance, a Mumbai-based API maker, Lasa Supergenerics Limited has claimed its own development of antiviral Compound Japanese off-patented drug – favipiravir as COVID-19 treatment.

All these developments are not suggesting that we have arrived at solution but gives a hope that Indian pharma industry has the capability to act in an informed direction.

In sum, when the Prime Minister asked a couple of weeks from India’s citizens, it is not just about making them sit at home to contain the spread of the virus. A round-the clock, war footing effort is being put in every sphere.