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Festivals Amidst Pandemic – PM Modi Echoes Words of Caution

words of caution

At a time when the world is still grappling with the pandemic and India is in the midst of the festive season, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered a message in the evening of October 20, 2020. Prime Minister Modi, who treats fellow citizens as his family members, echoed the words of caution that people should not let their guard down against the pandemic in their moments of celebration.

The key things he said in his short-speech are as follows:

  • We have come a long way in battling with Corona from Janata Curfew to lockdown to resuming economic activities. But the battle is not over, and hence all precautionary measures need to be followed while entering into festival season.
  • In India per 10 lakh people five and half thousand cases are found. This is 50,000 in countries like USA and Brazil. India’s testing number will cross 10 crore shortly. India is in a much better position because responsible citizens, doctors, and health workers.
  • But this is not the time to relax. Recent trends show that many are showing laxity in taking precautions. We should be alarmed that countries who went into relaxed mode have seen an alarming increase in infections.
  • In the words of Sant Kabir Das, ‘till the harvest comes to home, we should not find solace in the crop standing in fields’. Just like that we should not consider that pandemic has withered away till the vaccine arrives.
  • “Jab Tak davayi nahin, tab tak dhilayi nahin” (No carefree approach until the vaccine arrives).
  • We are optimistic that the vaccine will arrive soon. Efforts are underway world-over and even in India vaccine trials are at various stages. Some of the candidates hold hope.
  • I request the media to run an awareness campaign during festival to make people follow the procedures of precaution.

Why did PM Modi take time to once again deliver the message of cautious approach to fellow citizens? As he himself said, he does not want that the happy moments of festival season turn sour by paving way for increase in infection.

It is important to note that some days ago, health minister Harsh Vardhan had said that the carelessness seen during Onam celebrations led to a spike of infection in Kerala. In this background, PM Modi’s words of caution in the midst of festival season is wise counsel for Indians.