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In the Name of Annadaata, This Is How the Protestors Unleashed Brutality on Delhi Police

In any riot, the police force usually have to take up the difficult task of containing violence. Thanks to the deep-rooted left bias, standard narrative usually treats Police as an “oppressive force” that represents the” brute force of the state”. This is the reason why the groups against certain laws, be it about farm laws or CAA, are seen as “justice-seekers” by default, while the Police are seen in adverse light. But this thinking was relevant to colonial times when people didn’t have an elected government. To treat the police force as “oppressor” in a democratic, sovereign setup defies logic.

In this context, it is perhaps important to note the role played by Delhi Police during the riots fuelled by protesting farmers’ organisation. Very few have appreciated their restraint in the face of grave provocation, while many others said they should have used force.

We put forth a short compilation of some of the reports from various media sources that narrate the story of Delhi Police in the shameful riot instigated by some leaders of farmers’ union.

Spare a thought for the injured police, some of them may be sons of farmers as well.

This is how hooligans who claim to be farmers thrashed police persons and made them jump over the wall.

The violent protestors have targeted police vans and other properties. Their hooliganism, agenda of breaking the law, and hateful behaviour are evident from this video clip.

From the hospital bed, a police officer explains the brutality unleashed upon them.

An account from another injured officer.

One can quote numerous instances of violence that the police force is subjected to.  These instances show the perils of romanticising anarchy. The leaders who instigated all this mayhem are blaming others now. You may read about one such leader of a farmers’ union Rakesh Tikait in our article Is This Leader of Farmers’ Union Trying to Ward Off His Responsibility for Provoking Violence in Delhi?