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The Reality of Congress’ Farm Loan Waiver: Possible Scam, Lies and Cruel Joke

Farm Loan Waiver Congress

Farm loan waiver is the promise that most of the political parties in India especially the Congress has an expertise on. This freebie has come to the rescue of the Congress Party a number of times. Exactly 10 years ago in 2009, Congress tried this trick of announcing farm loan waiver in 2009 and won the LoK Sabha elections of 2009.

Therefore seeking to replicate this earlier success, Congress Party repeated this in recent assembly elections in the three states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, and Karnataka before them, where the party President Rahul Gandhi again promised farm loan waivers for the farmers if Congress was voted to power.

But the delivery of the promise of farm loan waiver by Rahul Gandhi is appearing to be a joke to the farmers in these states after his party has formed the government. Many discrepancies in farm loan waiver schemes in states ruled by Congress government are being highlighted by media reports.


Within a few days of the government formation by Congress party in Rajasthan, farm loan waiver scheme by the government has come under the scanner. An allegation of a scam came to limelight as reported by the Times Now.

Once the news of non-existent beneficiaries in the list of farm loan waiver scheme surfaced, it is being alleged that some officials or ruling party (Congress) leaders in collusion may have added the ghost beneficiaries to the list. The possibility of such a scam increases as the Congress party members and concerned officials already knew that the farm loan waiver scheme was to be implemented once Congress had formed the government. Here is the video.

Source: TimesNow

Madhya Pradesh

A report by India Today quoting IANS said, a farmer Shivpal Kataria, who was supposed to get the waiver of his debt of Rs. 24,000, got only Rs. 13 as waiver.

“The state government had promised to waive loans up to Rs 2 lakh. Forms were filled and I was expecting a complete waiver of my loan amount of Rs 23,815. But the list that has come to the panchayat says only Rs 13 have been waived,” IANS quoted Kataria as saying, report added.

Source: ANI

In another instance as reported by the ANI from the Sagar District of Madhya Pradesh, the names of farmers have been included in the list of loan waiver beneficiaries even when they never took the loan. This incident seems similar to the possible scam in the farm loan waiver scheme of Rajasthan as explained above.


Despite the government announcing Rs. 44,000 crores loan waiver scheme in Karnataka, Cooperation Minister Bandeppa Kashempur told the legislative assembly that only 800 farmers could be benefitted, reported Times of India. Ironically, before the elections, Congress supported government’s chief minister H D Kumaraswamy had vowed to waive farmer’s loans within 24 hours after assuming office.

Source: India Today

The cruelty of farm loan waiver in Karnataka has reached such an extent that on one hand, there is a Rs. 44,000 crores farm loan waiver scheme in the state of Karnataka and on the other hand, farmers are getting arrest warrants for unpaid loans. In one such instance as reported by News18, “farmers in Belagavi and Chamrajnagar have been served arrest warrants for not repaying their bank loans.”

All the above cases as reported by media tell the story that farm loan waiver scheme by the Congress Party is now nothing but a possible scam, full of lies and a cruel joke to the farmers.