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After the Riots – The Deadly Mixture of Fake News and Hate-filled Narrative on Play

Delhi riots

As the Delhi violence came under control of the police, rumors and misinformation continue to flow unabated. On Sunday, there were strong rumors of riots in several parts of Delhi. The administration immediately swung into action, and assured the residents through various platforms that no untoward thing took place. Further, it appealed to people not to believe the rumors.

However, it is a certain kind of misinformation and malicious, propaganda that is taking place on media platforms that one should be more concerned with.

The violence in Delhi has taken the lives of both Hindus and Muslims. The alleged role of people like Tahir Hussain in spreading violence with petrol bombs and bricks came out in open with prima-facie evidence. Even then, some opinion makers in their relentless pursuit to present it as ‘pogrom’ are coming up with one-sided versions and advices that works to rub salt on the wounds of Delhi riot victims.

For CNN international network, there seems to be no counter question to ask, when Rana Ayyub went on to depict it as an organized riot against Muslims.

For Saba Naqvi, the illegal encroachment of public property for months at Shaheen Bagh looks like a noble cause; however, allowing Hindu Yatras is a contentious issue for her, as she demands a ban on them.

A Muslim politician of United Kingdom shared a brutal video which is not related to Delhi violence that recorded the burying of a child, and tried it to pass it off as a video related to Delhi violence and blamed it on the ‘Fascist’ Indian government. However, Twitter had more time to take down a video clip from an old Hindi serial Chanakya tweeted out by well-known journalist R Jagannathan but sees no harm in the hateful act of this British politician.

Closer home, we have our own example in spreading fear and instigating violence against Police by using 9-year old picture belonging to Bangladesh and pass it off as brutality of Delhi Police. Here is the blatant act of Dr Udit Raj of the Congress, sharing photos and making false claims.

Truth however is that the photo was originally from Bangladesh’s Dhaka. The picture was related to a strike going on there, and the Dhaka police resorting to brutal measures to curb it.

These are just a few of the examples of one-sided narratives that are being created unnecessarily. As we can see, it is layered by fake news, fearmongering and apparently aiming to instigate hate and violence.

Finally, these one-sided narratives that tell that only one community targeted in the violence are strengthening the hands of global extremist forces. It is widely reported that ISIS is using the pictures of Delhi riots for radicalization and intensify their recruitments.