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Dead on Arrival- The Fate of Fake News by Congress on PM Modi’s Mamallapuram Event

fake news by Congress

Congress party peddling fake news seems to be no longer a revealing thing. The interesting angle is rather the shortening span of life for the fake news by Congress. Last week, Congress has tried to run down the Modi-Xi meet with the help of fake news. But within few minutes of posting fake pictures about PM Modi’s cleanliness drive at Mamallapuram beach, people on social media have called the bluff of Congressmen like Karti Chidambaram and Brijesh Kalappa. In another instance Shahi Tharoor who is not new to spreading fake news caught in his recent misadventure of quoting a fake image attributing it to The Times of India to take a cheap dig on Modi-Xi meet.

Here is how Congress has tried to run down the event with using fake pictures.

Why all these are fake?

As various social media users have pointed out, the source of the images, these Congressman have used to portray that the activity at Mamallapuram are merely for publicity and some kind of tamasha, is different and has nothing to do with the meet at Tamil Nadu.

The images Karti and Kalappa used in their tweet is from the website belonged to an organisation called Tayscreen based in Scotland, UK.

As far as Shashi Tharoor’s post is concerned, the person who claims to be ‘scholar’ uses a photoshopped image which was busted back in 2018 none other than the publication itself.

When people on social media have called their fakes with the evidences as above, these people instead of being sorry for spreading fake news have tried to pose on high-moral ground with some kind of ‘what about’ and asking the administration to release the picture of those who covered PM’s plogging!

Do you remember how the same eco-system, with the likes of Shahi Tharoor in the forefront, had spread the fake news claiming that video that showed PM Modi doing Yoga had cost crores of rupees? Read our earlier fact check PM’s Yoga Video Cost Nothing! – Congress-AAP Ecosystem’s Fake News Busted.

So, spreading fake news after fake news even after being caught every time appears to be the desperation that the grand old party has reached at present. There is also a pattern to this fake news and fake narrative emerging from the Congress stable time and again. Whenever India achieves an important milestone or attracts a global spotlight, Congress seems to have a problem with that.

When India created a global conversation with the Howdy, Modi event, Shashi Tharoor had wrongly claimed using the picture taken in Soviet Russia that Nehru too had pulled huge crowd in his visit to the US. Read our article Exasperating Farrago of Fake News from Tharoor on ‘Nehru’s US Visit’ for the details. Shashi Tharoor had earlier tried and failed to caste aspersion on village electrification and India getting back its stolen artefacts from foreign countries.

While the country has celebrated the induction of Rafale and the defining images of Shastra Puja, Rahul Gandhi comes back from his holidays to utter the same old lies and fake narrative on Rafale in his campaign for Maharashtra assembly election.