Fact Check

Fake Images of the Maratha Protest Being Circulated

Are Certain People Pushing Fake Images To Push Their Narrative?

The Maratha Kranti Morcha has been in the news today.

With that there was also an instance of a fake photograph of the rally being passed off to showcase the “show of strength” the “lack of jobs” and any other issue one may have.

Here is one: https://twitter.com/ajit_ranade/status/895244404121784320.

This tweet was plugged by former PMO appointee and journalist Pankaj Pachauri with the scale as being indicative of lack of jobs.

However, it turns out that this photograph was that of the Patel agitation from Gujarat, August 2015.

It can be found in a BBC story on the same – http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-india-34065338

It may be understandable that some people want to use the Maratha protests to push a pet narrative of theirs against the government or whoever else. But to do this with fake images is certainly irresponsible.