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Is the Congress Politics Over Border Face-off Helping China in Its Psyops?

face-off with China

While all other parties have strongly stood by the government on the issue of a violent face-off with China in the Ladakh border and said that the government is in the best position to take necessary actions, only the Congress party along with its allied Left parties chose a different path. Whenever history is in the making on issues of national importance, Congress often chooses to put itself out from the picture of unity, as we observed in the previous instances as well.

The Query Itself is Questionable

At a time when valiant Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives to successfully counter the Chinese aggression, questions like possible lapses, even if there are any can’t be discussed at this stage since the issue is still ongoing. Veteran politicians like Sharad Pawar, who was once Defence Minister, understood the situation and delved upon the designs of People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and touched upon the strategic significance of the places on Indian side.

We also see Telangana Chief Minister issuing a statement of unity on behalf his party Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS), saying that “We will stand by the Centre as it is time for Ran Neeti and not Raj Neeti”.

But what does the Congress President want at this juncture? Among many other things, Congress wants the status of Mountain Strike Corps (MSC).

Now, consider this.

The government in 2016 told the Parliament that the specific information on this can not be shared as this is concerned with the national security. When the UPA government was in power, it refused to answer whether there was a proposal to raise MSC.

In 2016, again the question asking the ‘present status of Mountain Strike Corps’ was asked to NDA government as well. The answer given by the then Defence Minister was almost the same of that of the UPA, but added a sentence categorically stating, “disclosure of further details in this regard on the floor of the House will not be in the national interest.”

At a time when the military experts of China themselves are saying that India has the largest, most experienced mountain army in the world, why are Sonia Gandhi and Congress forcing to divulge the details of Mountain Strike Corps at this juncture?

As far as the general idea about India’s preparedness is concerned, newspapers have reported largely about India getting the Integrated Battle Groups that consist of Mountain Strike Corps as well, who are especially skilled in conducting battles in mountains and deserts. In October 2019, the army conducted Operation Him Vijay, a war-exercise, involving MSC.

Why anyone would want more specifications beyond this?

This query itself becomes questionable considering the fact that the Congress party signed a pact with Communist Party of China in 2008 for a strictly ‘party to party communication’ that goes beyond government. It is interesting to note that the present president of China Xi Jinping, who was vice-president of the CPC at that time, had signed the pact with Rahul Gandhi in the presence of Sonia Gandhi.

The Credential of Congress on China

No one can deny that much of the territory of Ladakh was occupied by China during Congress regime and Jawaharlal Nehru was largely responsible for India’s humiliation against China in the past.

That apart, even when the UPA was in power, Defence Minister AK Antony in 2013 admitted on the floor of the House that India lagged behind in developing border infrastructure and China holds a superior position.

However, within six years of coming to power, the Modi government has ensured that 75% of the border roads are completed, and the strategic Advanced Landing Grounds that were abandoned after 1962 were reactivated.

Neglecting all these facts, why is the Congress trying to fuel discussions and outrage that may help the enemy, which remains tight-lipped about any information from its side to carry out a psyops against India?