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Exasperating Farrago of Fake News from Tharoor on ‘Nehru’s US Visit’

Fake News Shashi Tharoor

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi was accorded a grand welcome in the USA at Houston and after watching the massive spectacle of the ‘Howdy Modi’ event, people from PM Modi’s domestic Opposition parties and certain sections of media have been rattled.

Some have also spread fake news that PM Modi endorsed Trump for 2020 US Presidential elections. Others, in their quest to desperately belittle PM Modi’s massive popularity are conjuring up their own history.

Shashi Tharoor who is often in the news for his liberal use of the English thesaurus shot to news this time for his fake news on a photo.

Desperate to somehow show Jawaharlal Nehru was more popular than Narendra Modi, Tharoor put out the below tweet.

Tharoor claimed “Nehru & India Gandhi in the US in 1954. Look at the hugely enthusiastic spontaneous turnout of the American public, without any special PR campaign, NRI crowd management or hyped-up media publicity.”

We decided to do a reverse image search of this particular photo on Google image search. Most resources indicate that this was from Moscow, USSR, during Nehru’s 1956 trip to the Communist country.

The Congress party, unable to answer Narendra Modi’s popularity, is not only forced to go back six decades to find a ‘rival’ to PM Modi, but is also spreading fake news that this was a photo of Nehru from the USA from 1954. This was clearly USSR in 1956.

Tharoor mixed up USA and the USSR, and 1954 and 1956.

In all probability, given that this was a typically authoritarian Communist regime, people could have been herded out to welcome the head of a prospective vassal state. So, even the ‘spontaneous’ part of Tharoor’s tweet could be false.

On a related note, there are many who say it was Indira Gandhi who truly began dynasty politics and absolve Nehru of all blame for it. The photo related to Tharoor’s faux pas clearly shows Nehru publicly promoting his daughter internationally.