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How Every Fear That Naysayers Floated Against India’s Vaccination Drive Is Losing Ground

India is witnessing a vaccine drive both at domestic and international levels and it has proved the naysayers wrong on many counts. It has also demonstrated the strong will of the people of India, its administration, and the industry. At a time when the doubting Thomases who questioned India’s vaccine are eagerly waiting for their turn, it is important to take a look at how the naysayers tried to look down upon India and failed.

They Doubted the Timeline

How can India produce a vaccine against Covid-19 within a year of the pandemic was the question frequently raised in the media space by some ’experts’. They evidently overlooked the fact that all the prominent countries tried to produce a vaccine in the same time period.  This was the headline back in July 2020.

India has entered into the second phase of vaccination with two vaccines. It is to be noted that the fully India made vaccine Covaxin has demonstrated an interim vaccine efficacy of 81% in its Phase 3 clinical trial. The trials involved 25,800 subjects, the largest ever conducted in India.

More than a month after India started vaccination, there are no severe adverse events reported in the form of serious illness or death of any person who got the jab. With PM Modi leading from the front by taking the vaccine, the vaccine hesitation has faded in India and there seems to be a rush for getting vaccine.

No countries that received the vaccine from India have complained about the vaccine. In fact, they only have nice things to say about India’s vaccines, which speaks for its success.

They Doubted Delivery Efficiency

After opining that India can’t produce an effective vaccine within a short time span, the naysayers shifted the goalpost, saying even if India produces the vaccine, it is likely to fail in administering it by falling short on addressing all the delivery related issues.

Read the headline from the timeline of November 2020.

We see the contrasting picture in this regard as well.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ensured that the health and frontline workers got vaccinated on priority, followed by the vulnerable section. In due course of time, all the general public will get their turn, and by then a few more vaccine candidates are expected to come into the picture. In this second phase, there were confusions on the first day, but the loopholes were quickly addressed and the management through digital interface is going smoothly.

They Mocked the Global Capacity of India in Delivering Vaccine

Some opinionmakers had ruled-out the very possibility of India delivering vaccines globally.

The present situation and the trust and love that India is receiving for its Vaccine Maitri completely contradict this opinion. Here are some glimpses of global accolade.

Affordability Doubts Also answered

In a way, doubts were also raised whether India would be able to afford the vaccine even if it can produce it.

As things stand today, the vaccine is free in all government hospitals. Even the shots at private hospitals are capped at a price of ₹250. With many companies already stating that they are covering the cost of vaccination for their employees and families, the cost is no longer an issue that the people are bothered about.

Thus, all the fears about India’s vaccination drive are getting cleared one by one. There are other vaccines also in the pipeline. Once a significant portion of the population gets vaccinated, the risk of catching the virus comes down even before the nation achieves complete vaccination.