Fact Check

Even After the Truth Came Out, Priyanka Vadra Spreads Fake News on Ajit Pawar’s Cases

It was observed in the case of Rahul Gandhi that in many instances he continued to spread fake news even after undeniable evidence to counter that fake news emerged. For example, even after the Supreme Court verdict, Rafale is still a scam for Rahul Gandhi.

His sister Priyanka Vadra is also following his footsteps in spreading fake news. Even after the authorities have clearly stated that some of the cases closed with regard to an alleged scam were not at all related to Ajit Pawar of the Nationalist Congress Party and the cases against him are not dropped, Priyanka Vadra is spreading the same done and dusted fake news through her tweet. Observe that it was tweeted at 5.56 PM on November 25th.

However, by 4.20 PM itself, all the major media outlets, including those who prominently reported that the cases against Ajit Pawar were shut, had clarified the matter citing official sources.

At 4.05 PM itself ANI carried out the clarification from the Anti-Corruption Bureau.

News 18 that carried the clarification none other than the DG of ACB categorically stating that none of the 9 cases that are closed are linked with Ajit Pawar.

At 5 PM on 25th November the issue was clarified on various media platforms with all the relevant facts and figures. Still, Priyanka Vadra at 5.56 PM puts herself on the frontline in spreading fake news as she tweets mocking BJP.

However, the facts of the matters have been sufficiently placed by the ACB, which you can see in the following letter.