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Even opponents believe in Modi has Sabka Vishwas: Train of defection and desertion stops at BJP

sabka vishwas

Even before the ink announcing the extraordinary results of the 2019 campaign has dried, there has been a train of leaders of other parties jumping ship and joining the ruling party bandwagon. Galvanised by the stupendous success in polls under the leadership of Narendra Modi and buoyed by the desire to build a New India, within days these leaders have strongly expressed their intent in that direction.

It also signals the way forward for the broader Indian political landscape where the political opponents of BJP have realised that Modi’s vision has come to be embraced by the people of India.

Here are a few solid indications to that effect.

TMC in West Bengal

Already 3 TMC MLAs as well as 60 councillors have left Mamata Banerjee-led party and joined the BJP. However, the defection of Monirul Islam, a prominent Muslim face representing Labpur constituency is particularly significant. This clearly flies in the face of the propaganda that Modi’s BJP is one community-dominated outfit. Apart from this, the spate of defections from a number of municipalities including Darjeeling and many in North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal is also a referendum on Mamata Banerjee’s floundering leadership.

Congress in Gujarat

In another development, several Congress MLAs in Gujarat assembly are likely to quit their party and join the BJP. Media reports are giving strong indications of about 15 to 17 Congress possibly dumping the party and joining BJP. Former Congress and now a BJP MLA, Asha Patel has echoed similar sentiments saying that more than 30 Congress MLAs could join the BJP.

Future Indications

In Madhya Pradesh, there has been speculation on how the ruling Congress government has fallen into minority with many of its MLAs keen on joining the BJP. According to Leader of Opposition Gopal Bhargava, several Congress leaders were “unhappy and ready to cross over”. In Rajasthan there have been murmurs of discontent within Rajasthan Congress with many leaders being inclined to cross over to the BJP.

Thus, Narendara Modi’s vision of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas has already elevated itself to the political plane of Sabka Vishwas. And that too, within days of the Lok Sabha results coming out.