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Emergency An Old Saga? Here You Count the Recent Attacks of Congress on Freedom of Expression

attack of Congress on freedom of expression

Starting with the 1975 Emergency, everyone knows about the Congress’s sordid history of assaulting freedom of Press. Now with the advent of Social Media, Congress has begun its assault on this medium of information as well.

While the Congress and its cheerleaders in the media constantly parrot the importance of free speech, in reality they are the offenders of the worst kind in attacking and curbing freedom of press to publish and freedom of the common man to comment as (s)he likes on social media.

We at the True Picture through this article document instances of blatant assault on Freedom of Press and Social Media by the Congress in the last 1 year alone.

Defamation Notice to Abhijit Majumder and Firstpost

On 21st of June, 2020 Firstpost and Abhijit Majumder were served a defamation notice simply for publishing an opinion piece “China jibes: Congress plays to English-speaking social media fans as grassroots support wanes”.  The article very rightly points out that bereft of grassroot support, Congress has been reduced to its own social media echo-chamber.

Stringent criticism by media does not equal to defamation, something which the doyens of free speech in the Congress party don’t quite understand. The author of the article, Mr Majumder, summed it perfectly when he described this move of filing defamation notice as Freedom of expression, Congress style!

FIR Against Tajinder Singh Bagga

1984 Sikh riots mark a dark chapter in the history of India. But we all know how the Congress views a pogrom like 1984- with a ‘hua toh hua’ attitude. But the same party which stood by in a Nero-esque fashion as Delhi burned during the riots are now filing FIRs against people who question it on the riots.

For posting a tweet about Rajiv Gandhi’s involvement in the 1984 Sikh riots, a Chhattisgarh Congress leader has filed an FIR against BJP spokesperson Tajinder Singh Bagga. As though it is some achievement, Youth Congress has also tweeted about it!

Harassment of Arnab Goswami

For questioning the hypocritical silence of Ms Sonia Gandhi on the Issue of Palghar Lynching which took place under the absent watch of the Congress supported state government of Maharashtra, multiple FIRs were filed against him across multiple states like Maharashtra, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh and Union Territory of Jammu-Kashmir.

Supreme Court stepped in to quash all FIR’s except the ones filed in state of Maharashtra observing that :

While the right of a journalist to exercise his freedom of speech and expression cannot be exempted from being made answerable to the legal regime, the law cannot be used to stifle the right of the press through multiple complaints.”

Once again however, showing total disregard to freedom of press, Arnab Goswami was questioned for over 12 hours at a stretch misusing the state machinery for purposes of personal vengeance. CFO of Republic TV was also questioned for comments Arnab Goswami made on air in his role as a journalist.

As we had noted then, freedom of expression is sacred for Congress except when Sonia Gandhi is questioned!

Journalist Dilip Sharma Arrested

Journalist Dilip Sharma, who runs an online news portal based out of Chhattisgarh, was arrested for publishing a news item about blackouts faced in 50 villages under the Chhattisgarh Congress government.  Congress party is so accepting of free speech that it will even arrest you whenever you publish news about its inefficient governance!

Charged with Sedition for Writing About Power Cut!

53-year-old Mangelal Aggarwal Man in Chhattisgarh posted a status on his Facebook account, complaining about power cuts and levelling some allegations about the state government. For this the patrons of free speech, Congress state government of Chhattisgarh, charged him with sedition!

College Professor Punished for Criticizing Rahul Gandhi

Yogesh Soman, director of the Academy of Theatre Arts at Mumbai University was sent on forced leave and inquiry initiated against him for his posting a video on twitter for criticising Rahul Gandhi’s remarks on Savarkar.


This attack on freedom of speech and expression of citizens is not new for Congress.  Infact it has systematically sought to attack and undermine every institution of our country, from armed forces to CBI, from election commission to judiciary. After all, what more can we expect from a party which has an MoU with the authoritarian Chinese Communist Party?