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How the Fast-paced Elimination of Terrorists in Kashmir is Promising Normalcy

elimination of terrorists

People in Jammu and Kashmir are finding new lease of life while the terrorists are losing theirs. Going by the media reports, this conclusion can be drawn after more than a month of abrogating article 370. You may recall the scaremongering and threats by both Pakistan and some vested political interests in India that the abrogation of article 370 will lead to chaos and bloodbath. Thanks to Indian security forces, no major untoward incidents have taken place despite an all-out effort by terrorists.

The below news items give you a perspective about the unsung effort of our security forces in foiling terrorists designs and helping people to live in normalcy.

A week back, a Lashkar terrorist shot a girl belonging to a fruit-selling family in her leg for trying to open shop defying the threats of terrorists. On September 11, 2019 Indian security force has eliminated that terrorist.

Even as we write this piece, the Police have foiled a terrorist bid by nabbing them with ammunition.

So, the writing on the wall from the administration is clear. They will do everything it takes to assist those people who want to return to normal life and for the terrorists who want to create chaos, death seems to be the only outcome sooner or later at the hands of security persons.

On September 1, 2019, advisor to J&K Governor had asserted that the number of terrorists active in the valley had dwindled to 150-200 as against thousand odd in the peak of insurgency days.

While writing about the situation in J&K, this article mainly talked about Kashmir valley because the Jammu region has already found normalcy as stated by the local police.


Both Pakistan and the political opposition in India seem to come to terms with the fact for the moment that any amount of misinformation over Kashmir is hardly getting any political mileage for them. A Pakistani minister admitted his country’s defeat in J&K narrative by saying that the international community is with India and not Pakistan.

It is evident that people in the valley are eager to get back to normal life for which terrorists are posing a threat against opening shops and schools. But the good thing is that such terrorists are being eliminated by the security forces and it has become clear now that the terrorists can’t hold their position for long. It can be said that today the life of a terrorist in the Kashmir valley does not exceed more than six months.