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Not PM Modi But Imran Khan Asked for US President’s Intervention in Kashmir

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In an earlier article, we have explained as to how a US Congressman had apologized to Indian Ambassador to the USA for Trump’s Kashmir remark.

The US President during his meeting with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said that Prime Minister Modi requested him to mediate on Kashmir issue. There is no evidence as of now to prove the claims of US President. Ministry of External Affairs, India has also categorically denied any such requests by PM Modi.

But, if one watches the video of the meeting (at 1:38:30) closely, it will become clear that it is Prime Minister of Pakistan who has certainly asked for US’s intervention in Kashmir dispute. Let’s watch how he had asked for the intervention.

Source: Washington Post

Below is the transcript of the conversation of this part, produced from White House briefings. (Check the highlighted part)

Q    Disrupting the peace in the region, and apart from Afghanistan, there is another security threat in South Asia, and that is Kashmir dispute unresolved even by the United Nations and even by the U.S., who voted in support of that resolution in the U.N.

Now, are you going to make any kind of submission and intervention, President Trump?  And the same question to Mr. President Trump


Q    Is he going to play any role in that Kashmir, where millions have been dead?


PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Okay, he’s got it.  He’s got it.

Q    Thank you.

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  I will be asking President Trump.  He’s — it’s the most powerful country in the world, the United States.  It can play the most important role in bringing peace in the subcontinent.  You know, there are over a — over a billion and a quarter people in the subcontinent.  They are held hostage to the issue of Kashmir.  And I feel that only the most powerful state, headed by President Trump, can bring the two countries together.

From my point, I can tell you, we have tried our best.  We’ve made all overtures to India to start dialogue, resolve our differences through dialogue.  But unfortunately, we haven’t made headways as yet.  But I’m hoping that President Trump would push this process.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  So I was with — I was with Prime Minister Modi two weeks ago, and we talked about this subject.  And he actually said, “Would you like to be a mediator or arbitrator?”  I said, “Where?”  He said, “Kashmir.”  Because this has been going on for many, many years.  I was surprised at how long; it’s been going on a long —

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  Seventy years.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  And I think they’d like to see it resolved.  And I think you’d like to see it resolved.  And if I can help, I would love to be a mediator.  It shouldn’t be — I mean, it’s impossible to believe two incredible countries that are very, very smart, with very smart leadership, can’t solve a problem like that.  But if you want me to mediate or arbitrate, I would be willing to do that.

PRIME MINISTER KHAN:  President, I can tell you that, right now, you would have the prayers of over a billion people if you can mediate and resolve this issue.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  It should be resolved.  So it — but he asked me the same, so I think there’s something.  So maybe we’ll speak to him or I’ll speak to him, and we’ll see if we can do something because I’ve heard so much about Kashmir.  Such a beautiful name.  It’s supposed to be such a beautiful part of the world.  But right now there’s just bombs all over the place.  They say everywhere you go, you have bombs and it’s a terrible situation.  Been going on for many years.  If I can do anything to help that, let me know.


  1. The question was asked to Prime Minister Imran Khan who first said that I will ask for the world’s most powerful country to play a role in the Kashmir issue.
  2. After Prime Minister Imran Khan’s submission, President Trump said that PM Modi had also requested him to mediate in the issue (evidence of which is not available).
  3. Then, Prime Minister Imran Khan said, “President, I can tell you that, right now, you would have the prayers of over a billion people if you can mediate and resolve the issue.”


Therefore, it is not established whether PM Modi had ever requested President Trump or not. But Pakistani Prime Minister had certainly requested his intervention in the region. This is yet another violation of Shimla Agreement by a Pakistani Prime Minister.