Despite Army Clarification, Rahul Gandhi Spreads Rumors on National Security

Rahul Gandhi is once again spreading rumors on Indo-China issues without regard for the national security of India. This time he crossed another line of propriety when he spread the rumor even post the clarifications from Indian Army.

Army Denies Media Report on Clash with China in 2021

Sharing an article from Business Standard written by Ajai Shukla about PLA getting back in eastern Ladakh and new clashes in Galwan valley, Rahul Gandhi added that India has become very vulnerable.

Heights of irresponsibility of Rahul Gandhi was at display here as he had shared this media report after the Indian army had labelled the article as inaccurate, false and baseless.

Here is the army statement rubbishing the article written by Ajai Shukla:

A news item titled “China India Clash Again with PLA back in Eastern Ladakh” published in The Business Standard on 14 July 2021 has been taken note of. The article is riddled with inaccuracies and misinformation. It is reiterated that the news report mentioning that agreements with China have collapsed, is false and baseless.

Ever since the disengagement agreement in February this year, there has been no attempt by either side to occupy the areas from where dis-engagement had been undertaken. There have been no clashes in Galwan or any other area, as reported in the article. The intention of the reporter is malafide and not based on any truth.

Both sides have continued with negotiations to resolve the balance issues, and regular patrolling in respective areas continues. The situation on ground continues to be as hitherto fore. PLA activities, including turnover of troops continue to be monitored by the Indian Army. The news article has been published with uncorroborated facts and is strongly rebutted

Not only did the Army refute the report, it also called Ajai Shukla’s intention as malafide and not based on any truth.

Congress Party Always Doubts the Indian Armed Forces

Rahul Gandhi shared an article by an author whose intention was called malafide and untrue by the Indian Army. This shows the level of respect he and Congress party have towards Indian Army; also the desperation with which he wants to create doubts against the country in the minds of its own people.

This dishonesty and disrespect towards the Indian Army by Congress party is not new. Congress Party has long questioned and doubted the forces, clearly in an effort to demoralize them.

From questioning the Balakot strikes to efficacy of Rafale aircraft, demoralizing the Indian armed forces has been standard operating procedure for the party.

Rahul Gandhi last year tried to put out misleading claims that China had intruded 1,200 kms into China. The claims made during the Bihar polls were strongly refuted by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh who praised the valour of armed forces.

Congress Party tried to do the same thing earlier this year by saying that India had given away land to China after the disengagement talks between India and China bore fruit. But this rumor was also strongly dispelled by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh who said that after the nine rounds of talks at military and diplomatic level, one part has been resolved till now. But Congress party is trying to malign our image by saying that we ceded India’s land. He added that until there is life in his body, no one could take over one inch of India’s land.

India: Only Country to Successfully Stand Up Against China

Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India has become the only country in the world to successfully resist bullying and expansionist efforts of China.

PM Modi has taken several steps to diminish Chinese influence and retaliate against any aggression from China including:

  • Forcing China to pull back from Doklam valley
  • Refusing to enter into Belt and road initiative and strongly protesting against China-Pakistan Economic corridor
  • Stopping China expansionist design in eastern Ladakh
  • Banning Huawei and ZTE from 5G trials in India
  • Banning over 267 Chinese apps
  • Restricting Chinese investments into India
  • Ramping up border infrastructure along China border including achieving connectivity in 59 Indo-China border roads of 3,205.16 kilometres in length

While Rahul Gandhi’s  obsession with ‘Chinese perspective’ is well known, his irresponsible and intentional attempts to undermine India’s national security by doubting Indian armed forces must be severely discouraged.

As mentioned above, Modi Government has taken strong measures to improve national security, given full operational freedom to Indian armed forces and taken diplomatic military and economic steps to counter Chinese aggression.