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Busted – Wall Street Journal’s Fake News Blaming Hindu Mob for Ankit Sharma’s Murder

wall street journal’s fake news

Writing on the recent Delhi Violence, ‘The Wall Street Journal’ (WSJ) has peddled a big lie on the lynching and murder of Intelligence official Ankit Sharma. It reported that the brother of Ankit Sharma told its reporters that the mob that lynched and dragged away Ankit was chanting ‘Jai Sri Ram’.

Now, Ankit Sharma’s brother Ankur has categorically denied that he gave any such statement to WSJ. Prasar Bharati News Service has tweeted out the reply give by Ankur Sharma in which he said that WSJ is lying.

It is also reported that complaints have been filed with the Delhi Police against WSJ for defaming a particular religion and spreading communal tension through false news.

Ankit’s brother has denied the WSJ quote attributed to him while speaking with OpIndia as well.

Contrary to the lies peddled by WSJ at international level, in the FIR, Ankit’s family has pointed the finger of suspicion towards AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s gang. Journalist Swati Goel Sharma has quoted the relevant part of the FIR in her tweet.

The Indian Express has also reported that “Ravinder Sharma, the father of IB staffer Ankit Sharma, who was killed during the riots in Khajuri Khas, in his complaint to the police, alleged that AAP councillor Tahir Hussain had assembled goons at his residence who were firing guns and throwing petrol bombs from the rooftop.”

In spite of mounting evidence against its false reportage, The Wall Street Journal is in no mood to withdraw its fake news, as we last checked. This gives you an idea on the amount of fake news that certain section of media managed to produce on Delhi violence, the intention clearly being of maligning the government or the Hindu community by hook or by crook.