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Dangerous Trend – Delhi Dy CM Sisodia Spreads Fake News on Jamia Violence

fake news

Delhi has been rocked by violence, purportedly by ‘students’ of Jamia Millia Islamia. The issue they were protesting against was the Citizenship Amendment Bill that doesn’t affect any Indian citizen at all. Delhi is not new to militant protests often taking cover of student activism. This time it was Jamia university students “protesting” (or rampaging) in southern Delhi.

The protest started on 13th December with attack on police and by 15th December, the “students” went on to burn down buses, block roads, ransack houses, vandalize hospitals and spread anarchy that is very typical of a destructive ideology. The result was that 35 policemen got seriously injured including DCP, Additional DCP, 2 ACPs, 5 SHOs. Some even had to be admitted in ICU

Controversial slogans were raised too.

Now, a normal reaction from the people in power is to douse the violence and calm people down. Perhaps the Aam Aadmi Party government of Delhi thinks otherwise. No other than its Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia tried to spread fake news and divert the blame away from the violent protestors.

Manish Sisodia claims that the police were themselves trying to set the vehicles on fire. Imagine someone to be as brazen and hypocrite that when there is video evidence of protestors torching buses, you end up blaming the police!. But is this the reality? What were the police doing exactly? Just clicking on the video Sisodia tweeted is enough to know the police were actually pouring water on the fire to douse it. This was taken as “evidence” that police are spilling fuel on vehicles to put them on fire. And the cover was given by Sisodia who didn’t think twice before demonizing the protectors of society. Perhaps there was a reason why he was doing this since there were reports about an AAP MLA being a part of the protestors.

The journalists who were covering the violence clearly say the mob set vehicles on fire while the police were dousing the fire.

Even journalists contacted the Delhi Police and asked them about the reality. The Delhi Police said the following-

Delhi Police are also on record saying the police were “carrying water” and that “the buses have not been burnt” and that one can go and check the buses.

Other videos of police dousing the fire were tweeted by journalists showing the proactive role of police in calming the situation

Overall it turns out that Manish Sisodia acted irresponsibly and tried to draw political benefit by inciting the people even more. Far from condemning the violence which was illegal, Sisodia went ahead to cover up their wrongdoings. Sisodia didn’t think twice of the damage done to public property, nor the vandalized houses and hospitals. And all this for what? The age-old habit of putting blame on Central Government.

AAP claimed to be “Imandar”. But are they Imandar enough to accept their own Deputy CM lied through his teeth for petty political gains?