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PM Modi’s Claim on Death Sentence to Rapists: Who is Misleading?

death sentence to rapists

At the youth conclave of Surat on January 30, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the persons who commits rape are now getting death convictions in record time. Soon, the avowed detractors and a section of media started doing fact checks to prove that the Prime Minister was wrong in his claim. Many people who claim to be a fact checker also took potshots on twitter saying that Prime Minister’s claim was factually inaccurate.

But What is the fact?

Many media reports do show us the many instances where death penalty to the culprits were announced by the local courts within a few days. Before we check the naysayers’ claims countering PM’s speech, let’s see some of the media reports which substantiate what PM has claimed.


Here are the samples where some people criticized PM Modi claiming that he is lying.


The Quint even published an article relying on similar arguments which can be seen in the above tweet screenshots, titled PM Modi called out for misleading claim on ‘Hanging’ rapists.

Who is Misleading?

In fact, it is the above tweeters and media analysts who are evidently misleading. These people have been citing NCRB data and the few hangings reported in the media in the recent years. However, what Modi is referring to are the instances of courts increasingly awarding death penalty to the culprits in a real quick time. There is a difference between conviction by courts and actual execution. Modi has merely referred to the increase in the trend of conviction for rapes by courts, and not final execution or hanging. In fact, Prime Minister on that occasion has said, “Media talks about the rapes for weeks, but it should also talk about the death penalty pronounced by the courts, so that the people who think about committing such heinous crime think many times fearing the consequences.”

162 Sentenced to Death

It is indeed true that nowadays, rape culprits are getting convictions within a few days. We have already provided relevant news snapshots in the beginning. Prime Minister Modi also said in his speech that the change has come because of the stricter laws enacted by his government.

Here is a report from The Print dated January 30, 2019 which tells us that as many as 162 convicts were sentenced to death by lower courts in India in 2018. Perhaps, the title of the article, MP issued most death sentences in 2018 — a result of harsher child rape law says it all.

So, Prime Minister Modi was indeed correct in claiming that stricter laws are resulting in rape culprits getting death conviction by the courts in quick time.