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A Unique Farmers’ Meet and the Encouraging Trends About Farm Machinery

In Kolkata a farmers’ meet has taken place.

Why we should talk about a farmers’ meet?

Because the context of this meet is constructive and the need of the hour, which may also make you wonder as to why it is happening for the first time; it should have happened earlier.

A press release from the Ministry of Science and Technology says that the CSIR-CMERI organized its first-ever Farmer’s Meet. (CSIR stands for Council of Scientific and Industrial Research; CMERI is Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute).

Making the Farmers Aware of Machineries

Modern agriculture needs the assistance of mechanisation and modern techniques. The space of farm machinery can only evolve if there is an interaction between farmers and researchers. Farmers should know how they can make farming more productive and bring ease in operation with the farm machineries. Engineers and researchers also need to know the requirements of farmers and their specific problems.

The first-ever CSIR-CMERI Farmers Meet witnessed the inauguration of the Farm Machinery Training & Testing Centre, Compact Tractor. It showcased things like Demonstration of e-Tractor, Farm Power & Farm Machineries, Waste Water treatment for Agricultural Usage, Smart Lighting and Smart Parking, World’s Largest Solar Tree, and Bio-Char production from waste Bio-Mass to the participating Farmers.

The CSIR-CMERI also exhibited a Solar Powered Electric Tractor it has developed which can provide renewable energy solutions in the domain Agro-Mechanisation.

Farm Mechanisation and FPOs

You may ask, initiatives such as one by the CMERI can introduce the world of farm machinery to farmers; but how can small farmers afford sophisticated machinery?

It should be noted that the trend is changing in that sphere too, as the concecpt of renting agriculture machinery is getting popularised. Part of the credit should go to Modi government’s initiative like Farmers Produce Organisations (FPOs), Custom Hiring Centres (CHCs) and the Agri-Infra Fund (AIF) that are paving way for small farmers to adopt modern techniques in an affordable manner.

With the ₹1 lakh crore Agri Infra Fund and the unveiling of Farmers’ Producer Organisations, small farmers too can afford machinery for rent. FPOs enable small farmers in the collective processing of crops, branding, trade, and availing technology.

Private players like Mahindra are already into farm machinery renting. Recently, Mahindra & Mahindra Limited’s Farm Equipment division has launched its ‘Farming as a Service’ (FaaS) business in Karnataka by opening Krish-e centres in Jamkhandi, Mysuru, Vijayapura, Bidar and Kalaburgi.

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