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India’s Action Plan on COVID-19 Vaccine Front Is Evident to Everyone Except the Likes of Rahul Gandhi

COVID-19 vaccine

It has always been evident that India is using its strength to secure COVID-19 vaccine in many ways since the beginning of this pandemic. Nevertheless, true to his nature, Rahul Gandhi demanded answers for things that are so obvious. Since there may be quite a few people like Rahul Gandhi who tend to seek answers for already clear facts and later claim that the particular thing happened only because of their questioning, the record need to be set straight.

Which vaccine India will choose?

While many candidates are at the final stages, the answer to this needs certain data that has not yet been finalized. But in any case, it is important to note India’s approach from the very beginning. India has asserted to the world that whichever country comes up with the successful vaccine, only the Indian pharma sector has the scale to produce them globally. It also took a moral high ground by successfully providing essential medicines to the world during the crisis, irrespective of the fact that whether they are rich or poor. Our previous article Leveraging its Manufacturing Capacity, India Secures COVID Vaccines gives you all the details. Further, a study done by US-based Duke Global Health Innovation Centre reveals that India has used its manufacturing capability to pre-order 600 million (60 crore) doses of the COVID vaccine and is negotiating for another 1 billion (100 crore) doses.

The Distribution Method of Vaccine

This is also the question occupying the mindspace of people in the government, and PM Modi himself answered it thoroughly. In his interview to The Economic Times in October PM Modi had said these words which briefly answers every question on this issue.

“I would like to assure the nation that, as and when a vaccine becomes available, everyone will be vaccinated. None will be left behind. Of course, initially we may focus on protecting the most vulnerable and the frontline workers. A National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 Vaccine has been constituted to chart the way forward.”

Of course, the state governments have their role in effective distribution of vaccine whenever it is available. One can only hope that Congress and its friends who are governing many states don’t play politics as they did in migrant workers issue to put the blame on the Centre.

While we were writing this article, Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in a virtual meeting with the Chief Ministers about the COVID-19 situation, which is reportedly discussing the vaccine distribution issue as well.

It is obvious that while Rahul Gandhi is approving his tweets for the day from the comforts of a holiday destination, India is putting up a collective effort to ensure vaccine for its population.